It’s the day after Christmas and oh, the stories we could tell. Perhaps our guts have busted and our brains turned to mush. So many cheek kisses and hugs. Premature naps. And Jeeze, such a wrapping paper mess. Imagine what the garbage haulers will think come Monday. Give those guys a hand and break your boxes down. Make sure all your bottles wind up in the recycle bin as well as the aluminum cans (unless you recycle for money.) The relatives that attended your festive gathering had that one Uncle, Aunt or Grandma that was the subject of laughter when you all got home. As usual, the food that everyone pigged out on was the same recipe from last year. But when you sit back and think about it, it was a great time. Good food, a lot of laughter and great gifts, even if you didn’t get what you really, really wanted. But then again… Family. Together. You got what you needed.

Face it, it’s now over and we’re glad. It’s a Sunday that feels like a Monday off work. There’s a lot of trash that needs to be put out. When all was done and you finally had time to yourself, you came here here. To check out our Slinks. Happy Yuletide.

It’s back to business so let’s get started.

How curved glass is made

Interactive: Scale of the Universe

Tracked vehicles

The year in pictures – Denver Post

Most fearless animal on Earth

The kid in all of us

Doctor Who meets Star Wars

Awesome aircraft hangars


Jelly wobbler

Pixar intro parody
WOW- Life of a Ninja
Doodling in Math class

Four hands boogie-woogie
Street drummer
Boy meets girl

You will never get the power core


The women of TRON

Synesthesia (bizarre)

The Beerfest Commandments

4.99 seconds

Winter wonderland

The rock crawler that could

Won’t Get Fooled Again

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