It’s Sunday and the weather report predicts crap weather with increasing crappiness towards the evening hours and continued crap through the next five crappy days. Nothing to do but try to not let ourselves be driven stir crazy from being inside for too long. But… there’s always Walmart. Um, nevermind. Sit back and relax with mouse in hand and wade through our Slinks as you would wade through downtown traffic. Slowly and with great attention.

The WikiLeaks story in comic form

R.I.P. Bob Feller

History of the bra

Carl Sagan speaks about God and gods

6,788 beer cans

Supermarket bagging competition

The birth of cinema

U.S. Navy railgun

2010 robot review

The tech behind L.A. Noire

Neo vs. Robocop

How a quartz watch works

The Insects’ Christmas (1913)
The Deep
Smigly: Noise
Vintage Christmas Cartoons

Stairway to Heaven
30 Christmas songs in 60 seconds
Super Mario, Harry Potter, Star Wars in ragtime
Guinness Jingle Pints

Werner Herzog reads The Night Before Christmas

The Trunk Monkey

Jointmaker Pro saw

Space elevator

Best new American beers of 2010

Outlandish concept cars

Ninjas unbox a Nexus S

Post-apocalyptic tour of the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

Guillotine Guys

Introducing Word Lens

Jet Airliner

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