Frankly speaking

It was early in the week when my heart sank as the site came down again at 11:30 pm. I repaired the database which usually works. After the repair, things went about their merry way. The last thing I remembered was one of the techs at HostGator saying via email that one of our WordPress plugins was the cause of the problem. I found it ironic that the site would shit itself every night at the same time.

The next day, I took some time to scrutinize in greater detail each individual plugin, looking for something that was scheduled to run at 11:30. After about 15 minutes of going through window after window of plugin preferences, I found it. It was the WP-DB Manager plugin. It seemed that the very same plugin that I use to repair the db was scheduled to optimize the db at 11:30. Hmm. I unchecked the boxes for optimizing and backup and the site has been rock steady ever since. Now I feel like such a sap for not having discovered the problem sooner. I have made alternative plans for db backup.

On to better things. > Christmas week will be spent at home away from work, on vacay. I plan to brew up a batch of chocolate milk stout in the kitchen. The remains of the last batch of Sweet Georgia Brown Ale V2.0 will be transferred to bottles and free up some room in the garage beer fridge. I’m rather excited about the chore, but I’m sure that the wife of my life will be giving me the stink-eye throughout the whole brewing procedure. After all, I will be puttering in her workshop. The sentence, “You’re making a mess.” will be uttered many times. And cleanup is always a bitch.

The chest freezer kegerator project is on hold until the outside temperature approaches the 50° area. I have all the parts I need except for time and a warm environment. If I attempted to complete the project in the house, I’d be shot on sight. Homebrew in bottles is fine for now. It’s a must for now.

To be honest, I’m really enjoying drinking the winter seasonals. A little darker, tastier, more robust and generally delicious. The availability of these beers is always an issue but if a beerrun road trip is necessary, so be it. After the holidays, I’ll probably choose a little more randomly and experience other tastes and other styles to share with you. It’s just so unfortunate that tonight’s selection went awry, to say the least. That happened one other time when I bought a spoiled sixer of DFH Aprihop. I returned the five remaining unopened beers and received credit towards a new purchase. I’ll return the remaining Taddy Porter and see what happens.

Winter is the time that I dread the most. I spend many mornings on the pot while my thoughts drift towards last summer and the dearth of time spent on the Suzuki. Sure, I can talk about what I’m really going to do next riding season, but we’ll still have to see how much time and moxie I’ll have to do it.

The Mighty Tundra is going into her 9th year and pushing 130k miles. She still looks pretty good and runs like new, but I feel guilty for not having washed and waxed her more often. Got a brand new set of wiper blades though. Hmm. I should check the washer fluid reservoir.

The week before Christmas will bring a sweet outlook of a three-day work week with 11 days off to follow. We’ll make our annual trek to my wife’s sister’s house to visit with her side of the family and partake of the traditional homemade Italian ravioli dinner and the opening of presents. It’s a house full of blue collar working stiffs, each with his or her own funny and/or tragic stories about what has happened over the past year. I always sit around with my sons and it’s a laughingly good time. I hope you’re as fortunate as we are during your get-togethers. And I hope Santa brings you lots of good presents. (Pfft!)

I gotta tellyuz, and it probably sounds old and rehashed to you all, but I still love posting stuff on SixPackTech every day. I have molded my life around finding decent and relative content and planning the time to present it to you. If ever I could be labeled as being “in the zone,” it’s when I’m posting on SPT. It’s my sincere hope that you guys remain nicely entertained and maybe educated on 6 posts a day and a 7-day presence. I’m entertained myself each time I put up Slinks, the Humpday Honey, the Comics… hell, all of it. And then there’s the beer…

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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