It’s Sunday and pretty much the whole country has been plunged into an ice bath. Here in the midwest, all molecular activity has ceased. Any canned beverages left on the floor in the garage have become lethally bloated. The outdoor thermometer just reads “WTF?” But we will survive because we have a technology called “furnace” which will be in operation for the duration. It’s an excellent day for practicing achieving the true horizontal. And our Slinks will provide your intellect with a nice diversion. And since we’ll be indoors all day, we give you 25% more Slinks FREE!

The Antikythera mechanism rendered in LEGO

Leopard Transatlantic 2010 (Thanks Norm)

Antarctica Condition 1

The only video of the RMS Titanic

How the first transistor worked

Bullitt chase scene in 1080p

Miss Pole Dance – Australia 2008

All the known galaxies in the observable universe

Basketball trick shot compilation

3-barrel pole cannon

Peacherine Rag
Root beer Mozart
The Cup Size Choir

Arthur Christmas trailer
Do penguins fly?

Music & Animation
Todor & Petru

How the Bandit, Coors and a bunch of Makers changed the course of booze history

We Got More

Z-saw Puff Handle

Fart soundboard

Sam Adams Infinium Ale
Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3

3D projection mapping The Tourist in Dallas

Calcio Fiorentino

Isuzus dancing in formation

Casa 360°

U.S. city nickname origins

Magnificent motorcycles

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