Photoshop Phonies

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and it poses a number of rhetorical questions (not requiring an answer.)

  • Did the family all get along this year?
  • How many of us have no appetite in spite of a killer dump?
  • How many of us had to work on Friday?
  • How many had the day off?
  • Anyone working Saturday?
  • Good beer? (Ommegang Abbey Ale.)
  • Good food? (Seven courses here. Turkey cooked in the oven, ham in a roaster out in the garage.)
  • Most importantly, did you have fun and enjoy the holiday?

Leave a comment if you’d like. And while you’re thinking of what to say, check our Phonies below.

Click to enlarge.

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One Response to Photoshop Phonies

  1. fretwalker says:

    I would’ve worked, if 7/8 of the country hadn’t taken most of the week off!

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