It’s Sunday and the weather is crap.How’s by you? (Rhet…) Can’t do anything but stay inside and watch the games. Just remember to be in front of a TV screen tonight when Brew Masters premieres. I will superglue my nose to the screen. No, wait. That’s too close. I’ll probably take over the La-Z-Boy and cite eminent domain. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Arena football wall hits

This is Norway

60 years of TV catch phrases

History of the Slurpee

Pre-World War I Harley

Sardine Dance

10 best winter seasonal beers

Japanese vanning madness

The ring


Epic movie battle scenes

Night of the Crash-Test Dummies
How to draw an impossible box

Tommy Emmanuel – The Hunt
Johnny Puleo & his Harmonica Gang with Milton Berle
Osborne Brothers – Banjo Medley

The Silent City (best when viewed in HD)

Pickup truck turned into mini-big rig

Great rock & roll bloopers


History of London Porter

How 2-stroke engines work

Redneck engineering

Fireworks in high speed

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