Frankly speaking

Time has a way of being an ally and also an enemy. While I am still relatively lucid coming off a brew review, I’d like to share a few thoughts about the site.

During the last two weeks, the site has crashed twice. I don’t know for how long and I rely on my close friends and family members to call me and let me know. Each time the site crashed, there was an update to a WordPress plugin that was automatically downloaded and activated. A few hours later the site would come down. I’d get wind of it, either through a phone call or word of mouth, and I’d jump on the phone to HostGator tech support.

Over the phone, I say that the site has crashed and that the database needs to be rebuilt. The rep does his/her thing and it works every time. The fine folks at HostGator are always there to bail us out in the time of need. Sometimes the site comes back up on its own and sometimes the events baffle the Tech Support rep.

It’s more than likely that we’re running a faulty WP plugin. This happens from time to time, as attested to in the WP forums. I’ve decided, from here on, to install all of the plugin updates manually until I discover the offending culprit. Yeah, upload them directly to the server and then activate them through the WP Admin panel, bypassing the automatic update service that WP provides. Just understand that WP is not at fault here. It’s just an incompatible plugin. It’s a shame that you guys have to suffer through a downtime and “What you’re looking for is not here.” I will be vigilant about this.

On Sunday, I take my next baby step in homebrewing. Thanks to my son and an adventure he had during his lunch hour from work, I now have a filled 5lb. CO2 tank and a Corny keg that’s waiting in the kitchen to be disassembled, washed and sanitized. Sweet Georgia Brown Ale will have the final gravity taken and then be transferred to the keg where it will be charged with CO2. Next Saturday, I hope to be reviewing my own damn beer.

Sunday may be the ultimate last time to ride the Intruder this year. I’m planning on donning the new Scorpion helmet and leather jacket and taking a ride. I’ll go by myself in violation of the law (permit) if I have to. I just gotta do it one more time. The homebrew keg can wait until I get back.

Work has taken on a new mindset for those of us who go there everyday. Ten-hour days are now the norm while the ol’ warehouse ships innumerable products for the Christmas season. Time in the mornings for me are limited but always dedicated to pumping out a sixpack of meaningful posts. The introductory comments may be short, but the content will hopefully not suffer. Hang in there. SixPackTech is my life away from my job. And I’m thankful that I’m employed and able to offer you some deviation from your lifestyles.

And so we go on. Next week will be more great videos, still keeping with the theme of the site. More cars, more honeys, more comics, more of the stuff that we like. Thanks for stopping by.

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