It’s Sunday and it’s the second of five Sundays we have this month. Five chances to practice achieving the true horizontal. But regardless of how many Sundays there are during any given month, it’s great to be fortunate enough to have the day off. In between football plays, watch out the window as the first leaf scouts recon the territory for the mass onslaught of the denuding of trees. Don’t forget that fallen leaves are great compost for the soil. Consider letting the rake rot out in the shed and let nature do its thing. Sadly, though, leaves also seek out nesting areas in gutters and downspouts. While you try to remember where last you saw the ladder, scope out our Slinks below, all nicely arranged in chronobetical order. Let’s start off with a guy who grew up at my house.

Reggie Bush 40-yard dash challenge

Road testing the 2011 Tesla Roadster

Tallest U.S. lighthouses

Cheesy Kung Fu movies

Panoramic tribute to M.C. Escher

Best (?) autumn beers

Types of bosses

Fight scene done in one take (start at 0:40)

Experimental slit-scan video

The $1.25 remote-controlled ghost

Pig 05049 (TED talk)

The hero your hero could smell like
Star Trek cribs

Mashup: BeeGees/Pink Floyd
Girl directions (language)
Future Rock Band

Internet viral videos

Vostok space beer

Mall of America neighbors

Flying with the fastest birds

Millington mud bog

Bike helmets +

Real-world arcade race

Robot Jox – 1990 trailer

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  1. D.V. says:

    Good Luck FleetFlatFoot!

  2. fleetflatfoot says:

    Hey, thanks! No response yet, but I’ve been harassing him on Facebook. We’ll see….

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