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Greetings. On September 23rd, at 3:09 in the morning, autumn will officially begin and I dread it. At the very instant that that happens, I will more than likely be overcome with hiccups, a coughing episode or a farting event while I’m sleeping. It’s time to look back at the summer and see what’s been accomplished.

The site has adopted the Vintage Babe of the Week and so far, no complaints. But then again, how is it possible to complain about good looking babes from a different era? (Rhet…)

This last week there’s been a spike in traffic and indications are that there are a lot of people checking out the Davalos twins which were featured as Humpday Honeys last December. But I haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of the incoming visits. Whoever it is, I’d like to thank them. Since Tuesday, visits have been around 700 per day. I hope many of them bookmark us and revisit. There are, after all, tons of other Honeys on the site as well as other content which hopefully entices enough for a revisit.

Also last week, on Tuesday, the site got real slow loading and real slow posting. I five-minute live chat session with a tech rep from the great support squad at HostGator and he had us purring on all cylinders in a few minutes. The site’s been fine ever since.

As we approach the end of September, I approach the beginning of “busy season” at work. It’s a period of increased volume and overtime running through the end of the year. It may become a little difficult to maintain a steady stream of posts during the upcoming weeks but you can count on one thing for sure: there WILL be a brew review on the weekends. But ya never know… I may get smitten by some unseen force. I have a bit of vacation time left and I may need to take a mental health day off here or there.

I’ve got to say that I’m still enjoying posting the Sunday Slinks and I think the music video at the end is the perfect punctuation mark to the weekly collection. Sometimes it takes me hours to finally publish the post because I’m sitting back, reading and watching what’s in store.

Really, really soon, maybe even next Saturday, I might brew up another batch of Sweet Georgia Brown Ale. The previous batch turned out OK, but I wasn’t thrilled with it. I added honey to the wort immediately after the boil and I think it fermented out and left behind a somewhat dry taste. This time I plan to use honey malt instead of honey but I haven’t decided on whether to add some Belgian candy sugar or some lactose. Hmm… I’ll look into that further; time’s running out. Saturday’ll be here before I know it.

Regardless of the seasons or the weather, I hope to have the rest of my equipment purchased for a winter foray into the world of all-grain brewing out in the Manly Garage. Burner, mash tun, boil kettle (keggle,) and kegs are all ready and on the premises. All that remains is the CO2 tank and the plumbing. When I start thinking about my new adventure into making beer a different way, I wonder what I’ll choose as my first all-grain beer. Stout, porter, Belgian, Marzen and pale ales all come to mind. I’m starting to think of modifying my beer fridge to accommodate a couple of 5 gal. Corny kegs. Sometimes I think too much.

My Suzuki Intruder is running almost normal. After the last episode of tunings and tweakings, I find that the sputtering and apparent misfiring at cruise speeds is unacceptable and must be looked into until a smooth running engine is realized. I’ve been out a number of times over the last few weekends and as much as I am thrilled by the ride, I find it somewhat unnerving that the engine is just not right. Last report from Tim at Tim’s Cycleworks said that the throttle cables had been kinked and need replacing. I’m resolved to put that issue as tops on my list for the bike. Maybe I’ll suffer through a few more rides and then have Tim replace the cables and tell me tales of how awesome the bike has become. It’s just sad that the riding season is nearing an end and I find myself trying to locate last year’s bottle of StaBil for the storage prep.

But enough about me. There’s more revealed in these Frankly posts than are available on our SPT Facebook fan page. My son, during his recovery period, is updating the Fb page daily and he’s doing a superb job. I hope you will “Like” or “Friend” or “Follow” or whatever the hell you do on Facebook to connect us to you. Why? Because we want to put our server to the test. Well, that’d be nice, but no. It’s because we have a lot of good stuff here every day that will give you a reason to laugh, chuckle, muse, learn, ponder, wonder about and amaze yourself. All via the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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  1. Bols says:


    Just in case you were taking votes for the all grain brew to make first.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Funny you should mention that. I ran across a recipe for a chocolate milk stout that sounds absolutely delicious. Stay tuned.

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