It’s Sunday! Can the weather possibly hold out at least another couple of weeks so we can do some of the things that we couldn’t do during the summer thanks to the blistering heat. Right now is the best time to go outdoors and get some of the stink blown off of us. Stow the cargo shorts and get out the jeans. Where are all your hoodies? Do you know where some gloves are? Please, please, not just yet. It’s just something to get you ahead of the game. For right now, go with the flow. Have fun. Leave the worrying about winter carpet static electricity for another day. Follow this two-step procedure:

1. Visit our Slinks below.
2. There is no step two.

9/11 – Never forget

Unnecessary things that every quarterback does

Useless but awesome machines

Earth from above

Incredible PC casemod

1930 Art Deco Henderson (thanks, Norm.)

Guinness – the art of selling beer

World’s biggest yachts

Bonneville Speed Week 2010

First video from Expedition Titanic

Geithoorn – a Dutch idyll

One Froggy Evening
Android 207
Don’t Be Evil – Consumer Watchdog video
Sketchy Duel

Instant Elements using Google Instant search
Dancing at the movies
Penny Lane Piccolo trumpeter
Hitler – Born to be Alive

How to use an Indian toilet (good luck following along)

Tanner Foust drifts Mulholland

I am a craft beer drinker

Jiffy Crew strips then reassembles a Jeep

Pacific Sun cruise liner in heavy seas

Reference: beer style tree

Stop, Pop and Roll

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4 Responses to Slinks

  1. D.V. says:

    GREAT SLINKS! Thanks!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed them and thanks for commenting.

  3. Howie13 says:

    Great Slinks, however I was hoping for the band Bad Company!

  4. D.V. says:

    but Howie, Five Finger Death Punch is so great!

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