It’s Sunday. If only the summer could hold out for a few more months. Alas, the time for anti-freeze flushes, snowblower prep and melting salt slowly approaches. But for now, just let that be a little item in the back of your memory closet. We must think of the here and now. Wring every last bit of fun and enjoyment out of the warmth that you can. Relax.

But before you start wringing anything, check our Slinks below. They’re imported from around the world and far corners of the universe.

Why NASCAR is boring

‘So’ pushes to the head of the line

Building dancing

Space Shuttle backflip

Pee-wee goes to Sturgis

Intro to beer spices

Tattoo collection

History of computer symbols

Classic cars that need to be resurrected

Funniest touchdown dances (delayed pop-up ad)

Slack Key Lullaby

Walkman vs. Hoover
Spots vs. Stripes

Convertible jockey box

Human Car Inc.

Making a trumpet

Art of the Saber

Oshkosh Airshow 2010

Bush mechanics part 1part 2

Darth Schwarzeneggar (language)

Zircus Knie timelapse tilt shift

Whoever’s left.

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