Frankly speaking

Well. All that crap about html5 and iframes just ain’t panning for this website. Over the course of this last week, I have discovered that the video quality of embedded iframes is less than acceptable by my standards. The day after I posted the audiblizing sort algorithms video, I discovered that there was an error and the video never ran after that. I’ve changed the embedding for that post back to Flash and will stick with Flash embedding until something better than iframes comes along. Thanks for putting up with all the bullshit. Sorry about that, all you iPhone guys.

Readership remains up and down as the summer weeks drain into a new season. Mondays are always busy but by Thursday, it drops off a bit and then just picks right up the following week. I’d say we’re holding at an average of about 300-350 visits per day. That number is based on the SiteMeter javascript tracking code embedded in the site. The graph below shows visits in yellow and page views in red. The dip is that one day where everything went away for a while.

Then we have Google Analytics which gives more information than can be comprehended. This is the only thing that matters to me:

The rest of their graphs and other trend stuff is also a little hard for me to fathom.

Finally we have HostGator’s AWStats which is almost like Analytics but slightly easier to comprehend but hard to believe based on the other two graphs:

One can see that there is no common data or thread between the three of them. Each reports different numbers as they see them. I just check ’em and look for trends. All the other stuff such as SEO and Alexa ratings, Technorati ratings and other ratings are just crap to me and completely ignored. I just go about my daily postings and hope that you like what I put up.

The summer days draw to a close and for the first time in my life I’m a little bummed out and wishing for an eternal summer. I blame these emotions on that Suzuki Intruder motorcycle that I bought last year. After almost a whole year’s wait, I’m finally back in the saddle and once again learning the multitasking that’s involved in riding a motorcycle. I’ve been out by myself around town a number of times but for now, with only a learner’s permit in my pocket, I must rely on one of my sons to accompany me on a ride of any length. I’m slowly building up my confidence to the point where I can climb in the saddle the same way that I climb behind the wheel of my truck… empty headed with the talent to drive the vehicle being second nature. I want more summer.

With the overtime hours at work helping to pad my wallet a little, there still may be time to buy the one last bit of equipment I need for my first batch of all-grain homebrew. The CO2 cylinder will more than likely be purchased from Amazon. The hoses and attachments will come as well. My beer fridge can house two 5-gal. Corny kegs if the shelves are removed. The heat from the already obtained propane burner would help keep the Manly Garage toasty during the process. Sure, I’ll make some mistakes with the first batch or two but hell, it’s BEER. It will be put to good use regardless of how it tastes.

I must ride out the remaining tolerable days on the back of a motorcycle. Most of last year’s riding season was taken away from me due to carburetor issues. But now, with the bike damn near normal again, I gotta get out and ride. Before I have to add the StaBil for the winter.

Hey. Thanks a lot for stopping by whenever you can.

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