It’s Sunday. Maybe by now there there’s been a break in the weather for you. Maybe you can actually go out to the shed and back without losing 1.6 pints of bodily fluid. Maybe it might be physically OK to take out the garbage and look up and down the street. Maybe wave to a neighbor or two. Just be mindful that men over 40 shouldn’t go out topless. But if it’s still hot where you are, and you’re cooped up inside putting up with the family, take some time to check out our Slinks below. It’s time well spent, hot or cold.

Air Force One in 3D (kinda)

Microsoft fun factsWhat made Apple No. 1

Memorable ass whoopings in film

Where our data gets stored

Unfortunately named businesses

Most colorful currencies

Cockpits (click-next type slideshow)

Hydrogen bomb in space

Puget super gaming computer

Alka-Seltzer in space

Every Doctor Who theme   1963 – 2010

Vintage TV show openers

TRON girl
– nerd rap

iPhone 4 saga explained – Taiwan
Invisible Highway

Stop talking!

SPT Black&Tan video outtakes

Tarp surfing

Face swaps

1997 North Hollywood shootout
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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