It’s Sunday and the sun is still up there snickering. It may just be a day at the beach or the pool or even a lawn chair under the sprinkler. Stay hydrated, if ya know what I mean, but make sure you can make it to work on Monday morning. When you’ve had enough of Old Sol, Aten or whatever you call it, cool off a bit with our Slinks all nicely centered below.

A single sheet of paper

Biggest hockey brawls

Largest cache of Roman coins found

Explosion welding

NAILS – a time waster

Gentlemen’s Steampunk clothing

Worst boxing moments in history

Watson – the Jeopardy playing computer

GLiP Project

Mr. W

The Transformer
French Roast
Dilbert – The Knack

Juzzie Smith – one man band
Jew’s harp
World record guitar speed – 2008

How to drive a Ford Model T – TextVideo

Evolution of the boob – NSFW

How mustard is made

Horrible PT Cruiser gallery

A year on Earth

ETC beer robot

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