Auto Monday – Morris Cruise Night 7/10/10

Last Saturday night started out beautifully with a rather warm day and the second of four Morris Cruise Nights held in downtown Morris each summer. The cars were all shined up and a crowd of people meandered up and down Liberty Street to ogle the beauties. There were some of the regulars there again and some we haven’t seen before. The display was almost to large to negotiate. If you wandered off on to one of the side streets you just might forget where you left off on the main drag. Taking pictures was a bit difficult with all the humanity there, many people unknowingly walked right into the shot. I did, however manage to click off a number of photos which are presented in the gallery below.

Click to view full.

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2 Responses to Auto Monday – Morris Cruise Night 7/10/10

  1. D.V. says:

    any luck finding last years lady?

    oh, and the Dodge at the end wins the coveted Most Gaudy, and Worst Truck in Show!!

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Yes. I saw the young lady and her beau walking ahead of me. I turned to take one shot and when I looked up again, they were gone. Sept. 15th will be Jalopyfest nearby, and they’re sure to be there.

    That High Plains Drifter Dodge was so-o-o tacky I just had to take a couple of pics of it. You should have seen it up close. Sheesh!

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