It’s Sunday. In addition to what you have in store for today, don’t forget that we still have to finish our final recovery from the 4th of July weekend. Yep, there’s still some of that left to do. Please, and I give you fair warning, take that into consideration today. Just a little bit more mental cleansing, some more true horizontal and some more relaxation. When you’re finally able to lift a finger, click on something below.

Celebrities who have lost it all

A guide to evil dictator facial hair

More Japanese extreme rides

Chris Anderson on Microsoft and piracy

All about cement

Kubrick vs. Scorsese

Space Shuttle pre-launch time-lapse

Dirty car artist

When Copyright goes bad

Computer Candy Overload
Big Bang Big Boom
Tango Se Ma For

Harry Roy & Orchestra – “My Girl’s Pussy” (1931)
Ice Cream Paint Job
The Typewriter

Blades of Fury


Swamp buggy racing

Russian Airline ad (read, scroll, then play)

Cheech and Chong
Best story ever

Getting back together
Mexican Americans

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