Frankly speaking

SixPackTech faithfully plods along with no recent incidents, injuries or tragedies. Readerships looks to be steady at about 350 throughout the week with a quite understandable but expected drop off on the weekends. Sunday Slinks remain strong and the Honeys are still the most searched for term on the site. Thanks for being on the other end of this wire.

We now have a presence on Facebook. I’ve deleted the Flickr photos widget and added an FB badge on the right, just under the search field. I’ll try to post daily “teasers” for the next day’s posts up there, using the Events option rather than the “What’s on your mind?” option. That way, I’m assured, that everyone who stumbles upon the page will get the update. Yeah. Every day of posting is an event. (But, ya know, this whole social networking stuff has me baffled, and Facebook needs a better UI.)

I’ve decided to drop the word night from the titles of the brew reviews. I’m sure that not a whole helluva lot of yuz care whether it’s Friday night or Saturday night or Tuesday afternoon for that matter. Blue Collar Brew Review still has a nice ring to it regardless of what day of the week it is. And you’ll notice that the name of the beer in question always has its own special line beneath to promote continuity.

The motorcycle remains in the garage for the time being. There’s nothing mechanically wrong with it, it’s just that, not wanting to break the law, I need someone to ride along with me and the boys are always out with their babes or buddies. I just might take the chance and illegally sneak around the block a time or two just to get that feeling of euphoria back again. I’ve heard stories from guys at work who know other bikers who went twenty years or more riding unlicensed, so why not? Yeah, the hell with them kids. I’ll go all Outlaw on Illinois. On my Suzuki. Pfft!

My slow entrance into the world of all-grain brewing got one step closer with a recent purchase of two Corny kegs from a homebrew club member. At five bucks apiece, I lucked into a real bargain. Next on the list: a 5 lb. CO2 tank. But money’s tight right now, so this will remain on the list until I get struck by lightning for the 3,264th time. The next time lightning would strike, I will win the Lotto and the world will become my oyster. And the Cubs will win the World Series.

My Tundra is making a rattling sound in the rear each time I drive over a sharp bump. I am aware that there’s a safety recall issued by Toyota for “Severe Corrosion of the Rear Crossmember”. Lord knows that we have had some pretty bad winters here in Illinois and the IDOT boys are generous with salt spreadings across the Internets Interstates. I asked my boys to check out the problem at their place of employment in their spare time and verify whether it was a crossmember issue, loose shocks, loose tailgate parts or whatever. Seems like my FlowMaster 40 has rusted its back plate and an exhaust hanger is broken. Discussion ensued as to whether or not I should go with a louder FlowMaster, stick with another 40 and eliminate the present resonator or just replace like for like. We all agreed that a new FlowMaster 40 is distinctive to the truck and perfect to our ears. As it is written, so shall it be done.

My #1 son is driving now, having regained some mobility in his ankle. He’s still on crutches, though, and still hell-bent on getting back in the octagon. Physical therapy will be his regimen before he gets back into physical conditioning. He’s taking it quite well and I admire him for his gumption.

Ya know, you guys get more of my personal feelings right here in these Frankly posts than I could ever put up on FB. It was never my intention to drop trou on the site from the start, but it seems to be something that I and readers enjoy. Kinda puts a human face on everything, wouldn’tcha say? SPT is my little patch of Internet real estate and I’m glad to share it with you whenever you have the time to stop by. Thanks.

And now for something completely different:

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