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Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat


I was able to score a day off from work on Friday and after sleeping more than my usual 8 hours, I was running a bit late on my mental schedule. Finally, about 2 p.m., I rumbled off to the beloved Morris Beer Store to see what was new. As I walked in the door the place was abuzz with activity. There were probably nine customers waiting in line, some with shopping carts full of different forms of alcohol, ice, snacks and other beer store items. The cutie Alessa was a complete blur as she punched the register, bagged goods, sold lottery tickets, and made change for those paying customers. I quietly snuck (sneaked?) around the corner to the craft beer shelf and began my usual scan.

Within minutes, Ashley the Cute swished by voicing her greetings on her way to help out up front. I voiced my return hello to the back of her head and silently voiced my wish that I was about 30 years younger. Ahem, back to the beer shelf. I picked up a bomber of an Acadian Brewery’s Cocoa Loco to bring to the homebrew club meeting later in the evening. (That beer was compared to another member’s own recipe of a chocolate stout and the Cocoa Loco couldn’t hold a candle to it. The homebrew was more robust, chocolatey and more flavorful than the Loco brew.)

Back at the beer shelf again, I spotted a newbie from an old friend, the Stevens Point Brewery in Wisconsin. The beer was called Nude Beach Summer Wheat and a quick check of the RateBeer Beer Scores app on my iPod touch revealed it sport a decent 5.0% ABV. And at 7½ bucks for the sixer, I figured another wheat beer and another summer seasonal beer was a good thing at a decent price. As I paid, I reminded the ladies once again of my idea for a Babes of the MBS photo feature. No replies, just smiles.

Saturday came bearing thunderstorms putting the kibosh on the first Morris Cruise Night of the season. About an hour before review time, the rain stopped, the weather cooled off a bit and it became quite nice indeed.

Time for beer. I grabbed the first Nude Beach Wheat and wondered how I would present the name in my usual pictorial way. I’d figure something out without getting into actual nudity. Examining the label revealed nothing about the beer inside the bottle. Just a cartooney rendering of young folks on the beach with all their naughty bits hidden behind a strategically placed cooler, surfboard and other beach gear. But I did get this from the Point Beer website:

Point Nude Beach is the perfect summer pleasure.  Available only during the warm months of summer, this lively and unfiltered wheat ale is well balanced using “au naturel” raw and red wheat, then delicately finished with Yakima hops.  With a refreshing light flavor, Point Nude Beach is perfect while enjoying summer activities or just hanging out with friends.  Clothing optional.

I popped the cap on the first bottle and noticed it was a twist-off. Alas. Give ‘em time, I guess.

The beer poured with that familiar cloudy, yellow-orange color that unfiltered wheat beers usually come in. Lots of micro-bubbles slowly rose from the bottom and there was a nice, thick, white creamy head to gaze upon. The aroma was of a beery flavor, not overpowering but enough to fill up the nares.

The first sip had a wonderful flavor, nicely citrus along the lines of a nectarine and the center of the sip was nice and full. The liquid tended to thin out towards the end of the sip, leaving the flavor behind, coating the center of the tongue. Right from the start, this had lawnmower beer written all over it.

The front of the sip had that slightly sweet fruity flavor, while the middle bolstered the taste department. The back end, right before the swallow, had very little zip to offer but the taste and flavor of the beer made it a nonissue.

Then, about the middle of the first glassful, the wheat flavor came forward. Now we’re talkin’. The beer became a nectar and filled up the taste buds to capacity. The thinness of the liquid went away (maybe it was just that my tongue was too thick.) Each sip began to roll down my gullet as if they were on ball bearings. The pauses in between sips gave me a slight reminder of the last vestiges of taste of nectarine or maybe even a pineapple fruit drink. Absolutely delicious.

This beer does not have the beefy wheat robustity of a Hacker-Pschorr nor is it too cloyingly sweet like a fruit beer. This is wheat as a treat. It’s a middle of the road surprise and would be a great slammin’ beer after a few laps around the estate with the lawnmower. It’s excellent when it’s nice and cold from the fridge. More of the flavors come out as the beer warms up, but that may be an undesirable taste after too long. But with the taste of this beer going for it, it won’t last long before it’s finished.

If you’ve ever had Leinie’s Summer Shandy, this beer may remind you of it only without the lemon. The wheat taste is this beer’s strong suit.

This is a nice, smooth, easy drinking beer, perfect for the summer. Whether you’re sitting out on the patio or on the front porch watching traffic go by, this beer will very properly punctuate the entire day for you in a couple of sips. It’s flavorful enough to please and not too much of anything else that would tie the tongue in knots. And at 5% ABV, you can make the taste last the entire day. If you bought enough.

The SixPackTech ratings for Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat are:

Taste: A > You’ll be tempted to drink it with a straw. No little umbrellas please.
Smoothness: A > Like sliding down a Vaselined bannister.
Drinkability: A > Why, yes. I’ll have another. Two or three.
Bang for the buck: A- > Two sixpacks fit neatly into a fifteen dollar bill.
ABV: 5.0%
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: Cloudy. (Sniff) Beery but… (sip) Oh, not that bad. That first slurp… (sip) Actually that’s not bad at all. (sip) It goes down really easy. (sip) It’s not too bitter. I’m kind of enjoying it. (sip) I like this. (sip) (A toast to the happy lady!)

BeerAdvocate rates this beer.
RateBeer rates this beer.

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