Living beer

The man brings up some interesting points about live vs. “dead” beers. What he is refering to is bottle conditioning. For the homebrewer, bottling and conditioning beer is a pain. That’s why this video may bring up a point of conjecture for those homebrewers who keg their beer.

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2 Responses to Living beer

  1. Howie13 says:

    Actually kegged beers can still be naturally conditioned by treating the keg like one big bottle. The only real drawback is the first few draws will have a lot of yeast sediment in them. I have three Corny kegs, two of which are in one beer fridge and I keep bottled beers in my other beer fridge.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    You bring up an interesting point which I never thought of.
    If I extrapolate the usual 3/4 cup of corn syrup per 5 gallons of wort prior to bottling, to accommodate a “one-bottle”, 5-gallon Corny keg, the results should be the same. But the 3-week wait would be the same, eh?

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