It’s Sunday. Take the time to treat yourself to something that will make you feel glad to be alive. Free your mind of any troubles and enjoy the day. Putter around. Take something apart. Watch a documentary. Sort out that pile of nuts, bolts and screws that are scattered all over your workbench. Spend a half-hour at the hardware store and just look around. Try your hand at a crossword puzzle, jigsaw puzzle.

Cruise through the Slinks.

McFacts about McDonald’s

The real history of John Dillinger and Henry Ford

Things Hollywood thinks computers can do

A journey across India in 3.4 minutes

The Big Picture – Vietnam 35 years later

Extreme Photoshop – Angela Talbot’s Old Lady


Two-handed great sword

Up There

Hardest languages to learn

Diez Baeza photography

Kazoo Metallica
Violin mashup
Homemade lapsteel

Love and Theft
Stick fight

Amazing Cirque du Soleil performances

Automotive art

Beer quotes

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Ray Charles

Blues Brothers

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