Frankly speaking

Friday night, my #1 son (the eldest, FleetFlatfoot for those who may remember) had an amateur MMA match in the octagon sponsored by the gym that he attends. He was up against a guy I know little about from conversation except for what I was told, that the guy must be taken down in order to get an edge in defeat.

All through the first round, #1 rocked the guy with punches and jabs. He was tiring his opponent out. But early in the second round, the opponent landed a punch offset to the jaw while standing up, which brought #1 down. In the act of falling, his ankle got turned and buckled under his weight, tearing some ligaments and the impact broke his fibula. He lost the fight and had to be taken out of the ring to the hospital in an ambulance. While he was being carried out of the ring, his opponent actually laid down on the mat because he was so tired and beaten.

His three brothers were there throughout the ordeal and were by his side during the procedures at the hospital. He’s visiting us for the weekend with his lower right leg in a cast. Of course, Mom is catering to her baby as best she can, and he’s lovin’ it. All is well, for the most part, except for the broken bone, torn ligaments and the fact that he can’t drive for a while and will be on his own, on his ass for weeks. This was Sparta. He said he might fight again, but his body will dictate whether or not it’s capable. I wish him the best. He has a while to recover.

If you’ve been reading the news about Apple’s new “magical” iPad, you’ve probably run across Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash rant about Adobe’s Flash program and why Apple isn’t considering it for their mobile OS. The more I read about this, the more I learn about the issue and the more this website comes into focus. How does it affect us?

As it is, Apple is not including nor is it allowing any program based on Flash to be run on its mobile OS. More and more web companies are jumping on this bandwagon. The one fact that stands out in my head is “Flash is the number one reason why Macs crash.”

YouTube is offering a beta version of videos in HTML5 and I was quick to learn more about it. More and more sites are offering alternative delivery systems which don’t involve Flash. Microsoft has recently announced its support for HTML5 in there upcoming IE version 9. It appears now that Flash is doomed. In my opinion, let it die.

My own experiences with Flash and Adobe have been tolerated for some years now. I have abandoned their Acrobat Reader due to excruciatingly long load times and my own personal copy of Photoshop is only a dream because of its exhorbitantly high price. BitTorrent is something I just don’t want to get into.

Videos are a big part of SixPackTech and previewing them is a great pleasure for me. But quite often, while watching a long video on the MacBook, the fan will increase its rpms due to the processor working to stream the video via Flash from the webite. Temps will approach 185° and fan speed will increase into the 5,500 rpm range. Once the video is over, all returns to normal.

I don’t blame Jobs for mandating the No Flash rule. I can understand his concern. But what does that mean for this website and all you guys who visit? Do I have to get an HTML5 version of WordPress? Of Cutline? Of HostGator? I found out that we all have to wait. It’s all based on your own individual browser of choice. Here’s a pie chart of browser share for this website:

The benefits of HTML5 are based in the browser. It’s depends on what you are running on your computer. As you can see, we have a mixed bundle of browsers helping visitors visit the site. (Once again, you guys using IE6 gotta get with the program. Abandon and upgrade.) As of now, Safari is ready for it for the Mac guys. IE9 has promised support. Firefox is working on it. For the most part, we have to wait. HTML5 is more browser based than it is website based. All the rest comes later. The SPT browser usage is in the graphic above and it looks like that, for now, most of us have to wait for the HTML5 standard to be approved across all the platforms, the changes implemented, and the results confirmed. Enough of that. We just have to wait and see how this pans out. And you guys with IE6 have got to get with the 21st century.

See how well your browser fares by participating in this test. HTML5 test.

We are presently experiencing a steady readership of about 300 visitors per day. It was suggested to me that I get this SixPackTech website some more exposure by creating an SPT Facebook account because there are many more people out there who would enjoy it. I’m not against socializing, as a matter of fact, I’m socializing with you right now, but the thought of putting up a Facebook page never entered my head as a way to increase readership. My first question was “Do I have to constantly update the page?” No. The whole Facebook entity would be our presence on a social network and readership would more than likely increase. Yeah? I wonder.

I don’t have an fcgrabo account on Facebook and probably never will. But the thought of exposing more Internet cruisers to this site intrigues me. Would I be cheapening the site from the Facebook presence and/but does it really matter? I’d appreciate your thoughts on this in the comments or email.

Speaking of email, the Contact page has been updated. For now, there’s a one-stop-shop for all Internet correspondence to this website. It’s plainly and simply The info@, bs@ and have become spam buckets, taking up time and have been deleted. I’ve retained fcgrabo@ just because. Hell, I run this place. I should at least have an address here.

The Suzuki Intruder has been diagnosed with non-firing cylinder. It seems that the few times it was started up since the weather turned warmer, the bike just wouldn’t run right. The problem now lies in the ignition, rather than the carburetor jets. New parts consisting of a coil, some spark plug wires and plugs will solve the problem, so says my certified ASE auto tech son. The big thing here is getting him motivated to get the bike fixed and my ass on the road again. But so far, the Illinois weather hasn’t been cooperating and I’ll give it a little more time. But not a lot.

I’ve started receiving notices from GoDaddy that the SPT domains are up for subscription renewal. The, .net, .org and .info will run about sixty bucks to cover us for another year. It will be be done. I’m debating whether or not to opt for the privacy proxy coverup service which, in effect, doubles the price. Hmm. Facebook. Privacy. Internet. Hmm.

Once again, let me assure all of you who find your way to this website, that I appreciate your visit, I hope you like what’s presented, and that you have a laugh or two, and maybe even learn something. We’re not cutting edge, but we are different and I hope that we are in tune with the times and your way of thinking.

Thanks for stopping by.

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4 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. fleetflatfoot says:

    Thanks for the shout-out; I’m motivated to give it one more try, if for no other reason than to have the SixPackTech logo emblazoned on my trunks!

  2. oldgomer says:

    Frank, interesting that over half of your site’s visitors browsers are non-Microsoft.

    FYI, the previous issue experienced with the time for SPT page loads seems to have significantly improved in the past two weeks.

    As usual, keep pluggin’ !

  3. Lost says:

    That sucks about #1. This weekend at UFC 113 Jason MacDonald had an ugly injury (probably somewhat similar to what #1 has, but worse). Video below (not for the squeamish).

    As a side-note, I thought I’d mention that I’m a regular reader (via Google reader) and frequently find your stuff worth posting to Twitter. Keep up the good work!


  4. fcgrabo says:

    #1 spent time with us this weekend. He was the brunt of “gimp” and “crip” name calling. This week will be doctors’ visits for him and he may spent a week or two with Mom & Dad until he can better hobble around.

    And thanks for being on the other end of this wire.

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