It’s Sunday! What are you doing here? The weather is warm (relatively speaking) and if the clouds aren’t threatening, get the hell out of the house and enjoy life and this wonderful planet which is inhabitable outside six months of the year. But come back. We have other territories to explore and they’re all out on the Internet and at the very end of your click finger.

Here we go:

Your GM pickup could explode and kill you

Top sci-fi movies of the ’70s

How the Large Hadron Collider works

In-dash iPad install


A day in Paris


A look back at the dot com boom and bust

Ham radio enthusiast – W9EVT

Alice in Wonderland (1903) Start at 0:43

Mickey Mouse’s first speaking role
Holy Monks


Dork Anthem
Birdman in Lisbon

Futuristic designs


RC cars in slo-mo

Every kind of wall flip

McLaren F1 top speed run

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