It’s Sunday! Take today and invest your time as you see fit. If the weather sucks, be productive indoors or take a nap. Naps are considered productive in many circles. Whatever you decide to do today, budget your time to click on every single Slink below. You won’t regret it.

Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

No Russian

Virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel

Nature by Numbers

Why we need to go back to Mars

Life in Haiti

No longer made in the USA (click <-1/13->)

Russian Indians

100 quotes every geek should know

Car for Sale

Geezer Rock
Iron Buterfly
George Harrison
Sam the Sham

Zero Clutter
Law Abiding Engineer
Meet Meline

20 things about Apple’s iPad

Tron – reworked

Super cars

Forbidden images

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  1. fretwalker says:

    “4 SALE” sign reminds me of a fellow who decided that particular shorthand was just too low-class for his ride.

    To show he was truly high-class, he spelled it out:

    “FOUR SALE” read his sign.

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