Frankly speaking

Last Saturday I visited a buddy who was hosting a “group brew” in his garage. Two guys were brewing beer using the all-grain method. A couple of mash tuns, propane burners blazing, and homebrew sampling. Without going into all the details of the differences between extract and all-grain brewing, I was swayed by all the tech that was involved. As the day wore on, more guys showed up with samples of their own brew and then milled around to watch the techniques and adventures unfold.

A computer program dictated the temperatures for the different steps in the process based on the amounts of ingredients and other factors. Strike water, sparge water, all based on the amount of grains and type of beer being brewed. The brewing vessels were much larger than my kitchen experiences, but the requirements as far as sanitation and temperatures were the same. There was just so much more beer to made in this way. I was enthralled and made it a goal to get into all-grain brewing as soon as the budget would allow. Brewing beer on the kitchen stove has its merits, but when beer and the garage and brewing come into play, I’m all for it.

More equipment was required. A mash tun, brew kettle, fermentation vessels, more propane tanks, a paddle stirrer… Jeebus, where does it stop? I picked up a 60-quart Igloo cooler to be used as a mash tun and an empty 15-gallon beer keg for the boil pot, or “keggle” as it’s called. On the list, for future purchase is all the paraphernalia, tubing, valves and containers, that’s required to store beer in 5-gallon kegs. And a place to put it. Bottling beer is becoming a drag. Drinking it however, is another story.

I picked up an empty stainless steel beer keg for a song. Today I spent some time with an old friend (who’s not that old) and homebrewer who used his angle grinder and homemade jig to cut a perfect hole in the top of the keg. It will now become my boil kettle or “keggle” as it’s called. From here on in, the imagination, which is now running rampant, is limited by the budget. Patience is a virtue not easily learned.

Enough about homebrew.

SixPackTech is following along normal parameters with a readership of usually over 300 per day. I’m expecting a drop over the warm weather months, but that’s just normal. Hell, go out and have some fun. That’s what humans do when the outside temps closely approximate the body temp. Enjoy life while you can!

I’m so grateful to the folks over at Corvette and for sponsoring us. That means that someone out there likes what we do and wants to be part of it. Help is a two-way street.

WordPress, in its latest incarnation, is functioning as expected there have been no complaints about our NextGen Gallery plugin, but I still have occasional site loading-time problems while posting and viewing the site. It’s not really a problem, but sometimes, and it’s not every time, the editing and viewing of posts takes a bit bit longer than I’d like. Outside of hosting the site on my own server, and anticipated dealings with Comcast, and the whole computer in the bedroom, OS maintenance and upgrades and virus protection, I’m rather happy with what we have here, regardless of how long it takes to load. But it still concerns me.

On April 13th, SixPackTech will celebrate its second anniversary. In anticipation of the event, we’re planning on on a minor change, a new rotation of header graphics. You’ll no longer see the same babes, cars and goofy animals anymore. We’ll have new babes and different cars and other goofy animals. Kinda like getting your car repainted at Earl Scheib. “$29.95; no ups, no extras.” But no Bondo; we work strictly with lead.

Once again, let me assure all you faithful readers that I’m still at it, still pluggin’ away, pounding out a daily sixpack of posts and trying my best to keep us guys entertained with humor, cars, beer and a babe or two. I intend to keep it up for a long time as long as you keep coming over for a visit whenever you can.

Thanks for stopping by.

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