Frankly speaking


SixPackTech proudly welcomes a new sponsor, to our friendly confines. They join the Corvette Guys in helping keep the place running, or at least optimistic, all the while affording you a one-click opportunity to access their services. The nice folks over at BuildaSign contacted me late last week and they’re now happy to take up an ad residence in our right sidebar. We’re honored to have stay with us.

SixPackTech is chugging along with a respectable readership which is more the norm for us. We are consistently over 300 readers per day and near the next centi-mark. This is good news, especially after witnessing over 1,000 page views per day the last few weeks. The comments keep trickling in on a regular basis and we seem to have established a buncha respectable regulars. Howie, Norm, Fret, D.V., you guys know who you are and my thanks for visiting as often as you do. The comments make the posting time investment worthwhile.

I hope that our site homepage loading time issues are a thing of the past. The backup strategies have changed and so far, no one is complaining. I also hope that the site comes up and fills your screen nicely without any misplaced graphics or weird text anomalies. With that in mind, a very small percentage of visitors here are still using IE6. Allow me to afford those guys the opportunity to dump that crap browser and join the 21st century:

Download Windows Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP
Download Windows Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP
Download Windows Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista
Download Safari 4 for Windows XP, Vista or Win 7
Get Firefox for Windows
Get Opera for Windows
Get a new computer

(Sorry, I just had to do that.)

Sunday brings what could possibly be the penultimate, second-to-the-last of homebrewing steps in our latest batch of beer. The Belgian Tripel is scheduled to be bottled. I have 50 de-labeled bottles ready and my son and I will spend about three hours washing, rinsing and sanitizing bottles. Then there’s the addition of the priming sugars to carbonate each bottle. And the capping. Then another excruciating 3 week wait before we uncap the first beer. All indications are positive. O.G. was at 1.074 and two weeks ago it was at about 1.024 which is equivalent to about a 6.5% ABV. The final gravity hasn’t been taken yet but what we have will be decent.

I’m chomping at the bit (horse correlation) to get on my motorcycle, get the hell out and back up on two wheels. I wonder how she’ll sound. I wonder if there will be any more carburetion issues. I wonder if I could ever get the hang of cycling at 10 mph to pass the license test. I wish I was a lot younger when I decided to do all this but I’m glad I have my health, my wife, my family, my house and all my big-boy toys. And the Manly Garage. I want to set up a daily camp out there again in the worst way. Am I babbling again?

I still love doing this website thing and I’m so internally happy that you stop by whenever you can. Thanks.

To sleep, perchance to dream.

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