It’s Sunday and for us here in the flat state of Illinois, it’s a day of rest inside because the weather went from pre-summer to early winter overnight. Snowy, wet and cold. Bah! If you are also experincing this day of crap weather (or not) we still have our scheduled tour across the Interwebs. All that’s required is a click of your mouse. Bon Voyage!

Inside the Wall Street collapse Part 1Part 2

Ancient photographs

The secret origin of Windows


Movie bloopers of 1936

Top 10 Super Bowl tech ads

Interactive scale of the universe

Mecca Diaries Part 1Part 2

Microwaving a microwave that’s microwaving

Object graveyards

Gates vs. Jobs Part 1
Gates vs. Jobs Part 2

Hi-fidelity Star Trek Quartet Part 1Part 2
Good old acapella

Surprising facts about Cheech & Chong

10 damn-near perfect cars

Hot Rod TV – Hollywood Muscle

Beer trivia

Clifford Stoll – 18 minutes with an agile mind

Urinals with views

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