Frankly speaking

There’s something going on that I just don’t quite understand. Readership on the site has dropped off enough to concern me. After the last big dip from a few weeks ago, we’re there again. What the hell happened? I tried thinking back and wondered what seemingly small changes have I made that caused for large changes thereafter?

I deleted the videos category recently, based on the fact that if someone was going to search the categories on this site, they certainly wouldn’t want to search for just videos. I also changed some params in the WP Super Cache. As of this writing, I still don’t know what’s going on. Was it that a lot of folks were watching the Olympics? Was it because the east coast was hammered with snow and they’re all busy digging out? There hasn’t been one new comment since the 19th but spam comments are still getting through (and being filtered out.) It may just be that the video category is a popular website tag and by deleting it, the site lost a lot of networking contacts on the Internet. How ironic is that?

Have I offended some group of people? Nah, I think it’s my dabbling in the gears under the hood of the site that did it. But it could be Google’s site crawlers, I don’t know. I’ve since reestablished the video category and updated the posts from a few weeks back to reflect the category. Let’s see if that helped. What the hell else can I do? Hmm, maybe it’s those Country music videos I’ve posted. Pfft!

With the two year anniversary of this site looming in April, I had the idea of doing a little remodeling. Nothing major, just a new coat of paint and some chrome rims. I signed up for a two-week trial run at Squarespace (I know. I’m such a sap. It’s Leo again.) and dabbled with reconstructing the site over there. Ease of use, customization on the fly, they say. I spent three hours fiddling with their CMS platform trying to construct the exact same thing we have over here, over there. I had to write their tech support people to find out how to put an image gallery into a post and if the rotating header images would still work (they won’t.) So I gave up and actually cancelled the account. No money was spent, no credit card info had changed hands. Thanks, Squarespace, but no thanks. What I will say, though, is that if you’d like to start a blog from scratch, Squarespace has a leg up on Google’s Blogger service for ease of use. Although it’s not free Like Blogger, it’s a great platform to cut your teeth on. Not enough switches, knobs and sensors for us, though.

I’m appreciating this WordPress platform more and more now, with its relative ease of use. The folks at HostGator haven’t said boo about the copious amounts of gigabytes I’ve uploaded to their coffers. Their tech support is damn near instantaneous. Their uptime is impeccable. And everything works well within the given parameters of my daily work schedule. Why would I want to change? Ah, the challenge of a new frontier and a new look for all of you readers to gaze at from day to day.

Right now, I’ve given up on the new challenge. Based on what I already know about how this site runs, there’s really no reason to change. The new look? It will still come. In April there will be some new readily visible graphic changes to the home page, but the basic structure of the site will remain the same. The weekly Honeys, Phonies, Comics, Pics and Cars features will stay put. Slinks as well. The Babes of the Week? Pfft! Of course they’ll still be here. Hmm. Maybe in the other sidebar… The Brew Reviews? This place wouldn’t be SixPackTech without them.

Regardless of what happens in the Internet search engine optimization realm, I’ll be here every day posting some stuff for those readers who happen upon our doorstep. Even if there were only two guys out there who visit, I’d still do this every day. I just have to learn to keep my fingers out of the machinery. It’s already cost me.

Since I’ve deleted all the email references in the left sidebar, I feel that there still should be a way of contact. I’m planning on putting all of the contact info, including how to get a free SPT sticker in a link somewhere. Maybe a new page or maybe I’ll find a nifty plugin. Whatever happens, it’s all for your benefit. And mine, because that’s just what I do.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Howie13 says:

    Uh… first? I know, not the kinda comment you/we want here. I believe you are correct, the olympics have put a big dent in visitors recently. Keep it up, Frank your ‘loyals’ are still here.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks. That’s heartening.

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