It’s Sunday. Of course, you know that. If you’re a regular here at our friendly confines, you’ll know that today is the day to relax the body that you live in, and let your little click finger do all the work.

Come. Let us go on an Internet journey, the likes of which you probably haven’t seen before:

10 neat facts about Carl Sagan

World’s first bionic finger

No humans, just robots

Drifters of the deep

Amazing aim

Street machine shoot-out in-car videos

Retro breakfast cereals

Ford’s flathead V8 and the fall of Henry Ford

Architectural photography

Designer of the Apple logo

AXE cleans your balls

Canadian patriotism
Only in America
Geezer rock – Life in the Fast Lane

The only thing I know

36 vintage Corvettes

Mitsubishi quality control

Why three prongs?

Dessert of Frankenstein

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