Auto Monday – Funny Cars

What’s so funny about funny cars? If you saw them back in the ’60s, with their altered wheelbases and injector stacks, you’d definitely think they looked funny. Today, with an NHRA class all their own, funny cars are here to stay. These are the second fastest runners down the strip. The top fuel dragsters take the speed prizes by only fractions of a second.

Funny car fuel systems are key to their immense power. During a single run (starting, burnout, backing up, staging, 1/4 mile) cars can burn as much as 15 gallons of fuel. The fuel mixture is usually 85–90% nitromethane with 10–15% methanol. The ratio of fuel to air can be as high as 1:1. Compression ratios vary from 6:1 to 7:1.

Always a show from start to finish, the funny cars are crowd pleasers, especially at night.

We have a nice funny car gallery coming up next.

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Funny Car History

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