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The winter weeks drone on. It’s odd how humans have the perception of a crazy long winter while summer, of presumably equal length, flies by in the bat of an eyelash. We can’t do anything but complain about it and of course, that does absolutely no good. So we sit and work and exist in our long underwear and freezing bathrooms and toilet seats and wait the season out.

SPT drones on as well. While readership remains steady at about 600 visits per day, I feel like we’re lacking in some of the pizzazz that made us what we are. I can blame work and complain about the afternoon shift and the screwed up hours, working three Sundays in a row, but what good would complaining about it do? Just lemme tellyuz that I have every intention of keeping up the tradition of the site’s main topics and trying to step it up a notch, now that the holidays are over. Of course the new inventory software changeover at work may incur some additional hours on my part, but I’ll strive to maintain what we do best here on the site.

The main things that keep me going are the Monday cars, the Humpday Honeys, the Slinks and the Brew Reviews. Man, I really enjoy posting on those subjects. The Monday cars post for example, challenges me every week because, frankly, I’ve run out of cars that I think you guys would be interested in. I do have some ideas ponging around in my head, though.

WordPress pretty much remains the same, but I’ve made some minor changes. As you know, the beer names are now present in the title bar. This will hopefully make for easier searching on Google and perhaps hitting on SPT as a source. I’ve also added a new plugin which requires me to type in the title to an image before posting for the same Googley reason.

I have a suspicion that some readers out there are not familiar with our menu bar at the top of the screen, just below the main graphic. Bear with me while I try to explain what’s available at the top.

The menu bar has some selections which will deliver you to certain areas of the site. Patiently follow along.

Clicking on Front Page always returns you to top-dead-center. It’s what you see when you first come here from somewhere else.

front page

Clicking on Archives brings you to the spot below.

If you click on About, you can read about me and get some background on the site as well.

If you select Brew Reviews, you’ll have a the entire list of beers reviewed on this site, including my favorites.

Selecting Faves brings you to our favorite posts.

If you choose Babes, you’ll get a choice of galleries by year of our featured babes in all three categories.

Finally, Advertise with Us is just the open door for whomever wants to blare their wares on SPT. Rates are specified, and they’re cheap by comparison to other sites.

And don’t forget, you can always get an SPT sticker mailed to you for free.

Just send an email. I pay the freight.

I really don’t know if I had to do all that explaining. I know you guys are smart. But many people are in a hurry and just don’t have time to fully appreciate what’s in here.


On a different note, we brewed up a Belgian Tripel homebrew kit recipe last Saturday, Alas, the yeast was dead. After five days in the fermenter, the specific gravity remains the same as the day it was first brewed. No change. I called Northern Brewers and they will send out some new yeast at no charge. That’s good, but it postpones a 3 month beer maturity session by another long week.

Life is hard, but we deal with it as humans can. When you think you should just give up and chuck it all in, think about those people, those humans that were traversing the country during the Gold Rush, the hard working men and women of the Industrial Age, and the workers on the machines in the factories during World War 2. The problems we experience with our Windows computers and iPhone apps, our kids and our jobs, and our lifestyles in general, pale in comparison.

If you think about it real hard, it’s a good time to be alive.

Except for the upcoming robot revolution and the zombie uprising and the 2012 end of the world. But spring is coming. Let’s wait for that. Yeah. Let’s just wait for spring.

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