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As you may have noticed, the Brew Reviews now have the names of the beers in the title. This is a small effort on my part to do two things: when people search for a beer by name, they may hit on our review and get a down to earth (blue collar) opinion on it. It also has the tiny effect of a visitor exploring other reviews and other crevasses of SPT. Slowly, I hope to incorporate the beer name in all past reviews, but that’s a rather massive undertaking. (There are over 130 Brew Reviews on this site. Just click the link at the menu bar at the top.) Permalinks would hasve to be changed and a few inner post links may get broken. Unless I do nothing with the Brew Review titles and just continue on with the new paradigm (dontcha just hate that word?) in place. I’m gonna chew on this a while.

WordPress has been updated to the newly released version of 2.9.1 on this site. Personally, I see no changes in the admin, but I’m sure that there were tweaks underneath. Although I still get these small urges to check out SquareSpace for hosting and ease of use, I can say that I know WordPress and HostGator has been ever so unfailing. They are both very reliable and accomplish the ultimate goal for this site. Why change and put all you guys through a potentially new learning curve on my part? Pfft! Fuggetabotit for now.

I’d really like to change the SixPack of Random widget in the right sidebar. I’d like to offer a twelve pack of random. There’s a lot of great content on this site, if I may say so myself. To offer the reader more opportunity to be entertained, amused and educated has always been a goal.

I may dump a couple of post categories. I’ve always had a hard time deciding if the subject matter was bizarre or odd or weird. Then there’s clever. Do we really need that? Maybe so. Do you pay attention to that? Where does a guy in my position draw the line? I must always make it easier for you to search and click on keyword subject matter. It’s all about the user experience. It may not matter to you at all, but it matters to me.

Readership is hovering around 600 visitors per day and I thank all the faithful for revisiting on a periodic basis. Regardless if you visit daily or even once a month, you’re guaranteed to be blasted with a lot of great stuff which tends to deviate from the typical Web 2.0 facade. No cats, some babes, great videos, loud noises and a lotta laughs. And maybe we all learn a thing or two.

I have to thank The Corvette Guys for sticking with us going on two years now. They are our sole sponsor and offer great deals on Corvette accessories and add-ons.

One distant thing I’ve been thinking about again is should we change the theme of the site? April of 2010 will mark 2 years that SPT has been running the Cutline 3-column split theme. It’s nice, it’s clean, it does the job.

Wait. I know. How about we just change the header and some of the graphics? Right now, each time you visit or refresh your browser while on the site, a new header graphic is presented. There are twelve of them and they’re selected randomly. If we put up some new ones which reflect the same overall theme (Beer, Tech, Cars, Humor… and a babe or two), it would be refreshing. I think I’ll just pencil that in on my schedule of things to do. Watch for it. It will start out very subtle.

Don’t forget, I have a shitload of new SixPackTech stickers. You can get one for free just by emailing me at Same size, bigger text. And don’t forget that they’re free. I mail the sticker to you in a business size envelope with a little note of thanks signed by just me.

Once you receive your sticker, I urge you to affix to the appliance, bumper, laptop or toilet of choice and take a picture of it. Send the picture back here and I’ll stick it up on the site for display. We all win.

I have no intention of lapsing on giving all of you readers your daily due. Sometimes it’s a challenge for me on a daily basis to decide what to post, but more often, there’s just so much great stuff out there that we all gotta know about it. I’m my own Felix Unger when it comes to presentation on the Web. I’m a stickler. Everything has to work right the first time. I may screw up here and there, but I strive for excellence with this site.

I’m still having a blast posting every day and talking to you guys in these Site Specific chatters that I do. Thanks for putting up with me and visiting

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