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Early Thursday morning, about 1 a.m., our webhosting service, HostGator, suffered a minor outage which took SixPackTech down for about an hour. The problem was a bad UPS on a batch of servers. The servers were back just before 2 a.m. I felt fortunate that it wasn’t at 1 on the afternoon. After my email to them, they quickly responded with all truthfulness and honesty.

In all of 2009, SPT had 100% uptime. This was the first glitch that has ever occurred. I’m still sticking with these guys because of their remarkable track record.

I’ve decided to put the names of the beers being reviewed in the title bar. This will make it easier for people to Google a specific beer and hit on one of our reviews. Perhaps we can gain a little readership from it. I’d like to add the beer names to the titles of all the reviews, but with over 130 brews reviewed so far, it may take a while.

I ran across a common common complaint while browsing on It seems that the Share This or Link to This widgets are an annoyance to many. Sometimes, if you just roll your mouse over the widget, the new window springs up and in some cases, requires a click to make it go away. After testing out the one on this site, I’ve decided to shitcan it. I like streamlined, efficient and ease of use. No Flash ads, no popups and no registration to comment. All links open up in a new window so the user doesn’t have to wait for the site to reload. It’s been working for over a year so far. K.I.S.S. as they say.

Here’s an interesting tidbit demonstrating the reliability of site value estimates on the Net.

So whom do you believe? As you may have already guessed, no one. That would mean that I could sell this site and go on a bunch of Caribbean cruises, or buy a beater F150 with 120k miles on it.

As far as widgets go, the Akismet spam snagger and the Print This Post widgets are my faves. On a daily basis, Akismet will snag anywhere from 3 to 9 spam comments selling all the usual Cialis/Viagra/mortgage stuff. I click one button and they’re gone and the counter gets automatically updated. The counter is in the right sidebar, way at the bottom. As of this writing, Akismet has snagged over 7,000 spam comments. This is one of those great parts of WordPress that not too many bloggers appreciate. With us just hitting 3,000 posts and 7,000 spam comments deleted, you can understand the value of this widget. Print this Post allows me ease of use of printing out a brew review and submitting the docs to the good folks at the MBS. And maybe a couple of you out there have used the feature as well.

I’m going to have to add new pages to the All the Babes selection at the top, now that it’s ‘010. We’ll build on a new babe foundation sometime, perhaps this weekend.

Work has been crazy with scheduled shifts now starting on Sunday for three weeks. Consequently, I had to post a little earlier and schedule publishing around my work times. Things will hopefully smooth out for me in a couple of weeks. During this time, you should see just the regular, good ol’ SixPackTech posts right there on your monitor screen starting at 0701 hours CST every day. It just messes with my mind a little bit each day.

Way in the back of my cranial cavity are two itches. Both cannot be scratched until at least March. One of my sons gifted me with a leather motorcycle jacket for Christmas. It’s classic Brando style with zippers and pockets and a belt. And epaulets! Only in March, maybe in March, will I be able get back on the Intruder and experience that two-wheeled bliss now with new and improved weather protected ride comfort. Not to mention safety.

The other itch is the new homebrew kit I purchased from Northern Brewers. It’s a Belgian Tripel high gravity beer with an estimated ABV of over 8%. Unfortunately, it’s three months from boiling to drinking. We may start the process this weekend or next. I may drink the first bottle while wearing the aforementioned motorcycle jacket.

All in all, life has been good so far. I just wish I started doing all this years ago. Hindsight, they say is 20-20. Futuresight is a little squirrely-eyed. Like Pamela in junior high.

“Which eye do I look at when I talk to you?”

“This one.”

And there you have it.

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2 Responses to Site Specific

  1. Howie13 says:

    Thank you, Frank! The share this was pretty annoying when I’d accidentally roll over. Just not quite annoying enough to bother bitchin about. Met with some disappointment a cuppla days ago. Even though I’ve bought Goose Island pumpkin ale in the past- I could find no offerings from them at my fave specialty beer store- I was specifically looking for the Pere Jacques (sp?) and the Mild Winter- drats.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the share button. Hang in there on the beer. Winter is not yet over.

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