Special Brew Review – Samuel Adams Utopias

It was new year’s eve and the kids were out celebrating with their friends and babes. That left me and the wife home alone. (!) On new year’s eve. (!!) Enough.

As you may remember, I mentioned that my #2 son gifted me for Christmas with a bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, my wife and I shared about three ounces total of this unique beverage.

The aroma was like that of some fine liqueur, like some fine booze. It really filled up my nose when I stuck it in the glass. The first sense in the nose was the woodiness and deep, dark malts that were used. It transcends the term robust. The aroma of this beer was unbelievable. I can’t see how they can classify this as a beer based on what I smelled.

There was absolutely no carbonation. This will mean I can recap it and stick the remaining liquid back on the shelf for another celebratory tasting next year. I was worried about that, but with some ancillary homebrew equipment, I can restore it to almost original status and shelve it for next year.

The aroma was full of an alcohol smell, but the scent of the dark malts permeated within it. The liquid looked like a non-carbonated porter but with absolutely NO carbonation. What follows is my third and fourth sips after my wife and I bade welcome to the new year.

The sips had the sting of alcohol hotness to them but the flavor was tantamount to a syrupy pancake. It was absolutely delicious. I’m surprised that Sam can still call this “beer”. It left what I guess the wine guys would call “legs”, a line of transparent drips on the inside of the glass, indicating that the beer has some “special” properties to it.

This beer opened up all of my nose passages. It awakened my tongue, and my tongue came out and shook hands with me. It also left me with a fire in my belly which will go away after perhaps a Pere Jaques from Goose Island. I will wake tomorrow next Wednesday.

Sam Adams Utopias is a beer that not many can afford. Not very Blue Collar either. At $150 per bottle from Sam, if you’re luckyand if you get on the list at your local beer store, you could get a 24-ounce bottle. For $150 thereabouts. Most of the Utopias are bought up and put up on eBay where the prices go up from there. I am so fortunate to have been gifted a bottle of this classic brew.

If anything, the Samuel Adams Utopias beer is absolutely a beer worth tasting in your life. One time. You can talk about it, you can dole it out to special friends who come over, you can recap it and you can pour some more. Then it’s gone.

All you have left will be the copper-colored kettle bottle that it came with the picture of Sam under the sliding doors.

And that ain’t bad either.

The SixPackTech ratings for Samuel Adams Utopias are:

Taste: A+ > Every F-in’ superlative.
ABV: 27% (Yes, twenty seven percent)
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: It smells like scotch or something. (sip) Whoa. (sip) Man, that’s strong. (Two sips. I think she likes it.)

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3 Responses to Special Brew Review – Samuel Adams Utopias

  1. D.V. says:

    I am so jealous!

  2. Howie13 says:

    My eyes are glowing bright green right now! Apparently you did a bang up job to raise boys that would get you this magic elixir. Just beware the evilness of oxidation for storage!

  3. fcgrabo says:

    I recapped the bottle with my homebrew capper then twisted the bottle top back on nice and firm.

    We’ll try it again in a few months or maybe next New Year’s Eve.

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