Teddy toss

In the sport of hockey, a hat trick is a feat where a player scores three goals in one game. It was so named from people throwing their hats onto the ice after the third goal to show their appreciation. I’ve also heard of someone throwing a dead squid on the ice. In addition, some folks toss hot pennies and numerous other articles.

In the video below, it was teddy bear toss night for the London Knights on December 4th, 2009 against the Guelph Storm. The bear count was 8,232, a new record for the knights. A lot easier to clean up than toilet paper.

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2 Responses to Teddy toss

  1. Howie13 says:

    Didn’t the Redwings fans throw octopi (octopuses?) back in the 90’s?

  2. fcgrabo says:

    You’re probably right. That’s what prompted my comment but I thought squids were involved. What stuck with me was “tentacled undersea creature”.

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