Ah, Sunday. Take it easy time. Prepare yourself gastromentally for the upcoming feast on Thursday. Think about the last time tryptophan placed you in the arms of Morpheus. No less than three football games will be waiting. Waiting just like us on this Sunday. And the Slinks below. Ready? Let’s go for a walk in the Internet.

If the Earth had rings like Saturn

The Dubai fountain

The making of computer graphics for Star Wars

The decade in 7 minutes

7 badass Vikings

Peyton Manning’s 10 best commercials

Recycled architecture

The Matrix as a silent film

Death Metal Muppets

Ninja Assassin in Lego
The Legend of Link’s Distractions
The original Steamboat Willie (Disney, 1928)

Redesigning NFL helmets

Launch of the Ares I-X (The Big Picture)

Auto death traps

Nike & beer pong

Red fox goes mouse hunting

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