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Screen shot 2009-11-07 at 11.13 PMNov7Screen shot 2009-11-07 at 11.13 PMNov7 1I am surprised and thrilled. Stats indicate that more folks are visiting these manly confines. SPT is up to over 600 visits per day with page views averaging above 1500. I guess that there’s just something about this place that draws a certain kind of reader. Perhaps it’s all the testosterone. Estrogen?

WordPress remains solid as well as our host, HostGator. The Akismet spam comment collector keeps racking up the crap comments in its holding tank so you don’t see them and I can delete them with one click.

Hope you guys like (don’t mind) the change in the Weekly Babes nonpost. Just shucking a thumbnail in the sidebar may be a little more work for me for now, it seems (in my mind) to present a better view, one that you and I may get used to in a week or two. Feel free to chime in on how it could be presented better.

I don’t particularly care for the way that the APOD widget throws up an ad that you have to click on to make disappear. I’ll think about that; changing to something else make cost a buck or two which I’m reluctant to spend right now given that the holiday season is approaching and my penchant for gadgets. But ads have become a way of life on the Internet, eh? It’s how money is made. As long as it doesn’t detract from the user experience.

I gotta tellyuz that the Slinks give me great pleasure to put up. Sometimes I sit and watch and read all of that stuff before It goes up on the site. I’m enjoying the hell out of my own website. We have a theme, we have good content and we have great readers and commenters.

The 2009 Weblog Awards

Speaking of commenters, one of our faithful readers, homebrewer, and donor, Howie 13, has nominated for a Weblog Award. Hell, I nominated us as well. Just the thought of being considered for this award swelled my life force to almost bursting proportions. It would have been a helluva mess to clean up if I did. If you’d like to vote for us, click the graphic link up there and navigate to a category and vote. I’ll put up a sidebar widget for this tomorrow. Voting is open from now until November 20th. As they say in Chicago, Vote early. Vote often.

Our own homebrew, Frabekuri Octobrew (take two) will hopefully be ready for drinking next weekend. I’m debating as to whether to do a brew review on my own homemade beer or just make it a side topic. There’s much to tell. It’s the first time my wife and I worked in her kitchen as a team on a recipe. How apropos that that first recipe would be homebrew beer. She’s now thinking about making rootbeer. I’ll be there for her if and when she decides get going on it.

My motorcycle is back from the shop. Hallelujah! Friday, about noon, my one son came in and said that we could pick up the bike at any time, all he needed was a check for payment. He left with my draft of a drain on my account and within ten minutes I heard him roar up the driveway. I met him at the back door. He said, “Pardon my language, but HOLY SHIT is that bike fast!” I almost broke my face smiling.

I took the bike out today and noticed that some things were odd. With the choke out on a cold engine, it idled fine. Choke in, it started to falter. It took it out for a ride around what I call the long block, about a quarter mile square. The bike hauls ass under power but at a steady cruise speed, it seems to putt, to misfire. After the bike got hot, she quit idling and quit at stops.  I asked my son to take her out to experience it first hand. When he fired it up, it blew black smoke. Too rich. It will be back to the shop on Monday for some corrections.

It’s been a while since I was the main pilot on my own motorcycle. I suffered the same trepidations that I did when I was just beginning. But some sort of bug or motorcycle virus had penetrated my body and I knew I had to get back on that machine, regardless of what I remembered or forgot about how to operate the clutch and brakes and throttle. There’s just something about the two wheels, the lack of creature comforts, the vibration, the engine noise, the wind in the face and the view that calls me. I’m hooked.

Time passes and weather turns to shit in some people’s eyes. Winter will be a good time to experiment with another homebrew recipe, delve into all-grain brewing, explore kegging and perhaps buy a new computer. See how my mind works?

Thanks for stopping by and visiting SixPackTech. We’ll talk again next week.

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