Robot creepazoid

Titan, an 8′ tall robot developed by Panasonic was on display recently at the Gitex tech show in Dubai. He’s amazing to watch but with those pickup lines and tacky delivery that he has, he’ll never get the babe. Kinda reminiscent of RoboCop with the sounds, Transformers with his looks and a karaoke machine with his singing.

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2 Responses to Robot creepazoid

  1. Howie13 says:

    Holy Toledo- always dreamed about things like that as a kid- but thought the machinery and electronica would always be too complex and bulky to make a truly humanoid robot. Soon, with some small advances in A.I., we could possibly be in a world with R. Daneel Olivaw, the way Asimov envisioned.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Hopefully with the three laws already in place.

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