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Halloween has brought more visitors to our humble SPT borders, mostly looking for ideas on costumes at the eleventh hour. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Two new recipients received SPT stickers in the mail this week. That is, if the USPS is still reliable in picking up and delivering mail. Chris in Texas and Miguel in California are now meeting people and influencing friends wherever they stick those small banners. Thanks, guys.

I just gotta tellyuz… I was kinda tired of looking at that butt in those ridiculously tight jeans that I just had to do something. I contributed about an hour’s worth of cogitation and finally came up with the weekly changing babe sidebar as is demonstrated tonight right now. I thought that I’d keep the little quirk of snipping out some small detail of the picture and putting it right in the middle of the widget under the title. I hope you like it. If not, then save these pictures now, because they’ll not be seen again unless by popular demand.


After this afternoon’s bottling of homebrew, I think we’re going to have a nice tasty beer gushing down our gullets in about two weeks. All of the yeast and sediments remained down at the bottom of the carboy and the bottling bucket held no particulates whatsoever. The final gravity sampler tube sample was crystal clear and a nice light brown color. Our final specific gravity yielded 5.0% ABV and once the bottles get primed, it’s sure to be some great tasting brew.

The busy season has started at work an overtime hours are now a way of life, probably until the end of the year. This means that I have to be diligent in getting the posts out on a timely basis while still dwelling on the same level of of humor, tech, automotive and beer related content, all with the standard I have set for myself and allayouguys. I think I have a handle on things, but it could get sticky at times.

WordPress is still my platform of choice in spite of Leo LaPorte’s podcast commercials for Squarespace. Man, he makes them sound so good. I’ve looked into Squarespace and I’m sure that all images have to be hosted externally (Picasa, PhotoBucket, etc.) with links to pics in individual posts. The service itself seems to be infinitely customizable, but I doubt that I would just fall right into it as they tout on the ads. I suppose I’ll look into it again in the future.

Still, one reliable source, unseen to anyone but me, is Host Gator, our webhosting service. They take what I throw at them and shove it on their servers. Unrelenting, unwavering, always available and on line, all the time. I’m in the process of becoming an HG affilate. All I need is their little logo to post on the site and we’re golden.

Things about SixPackTech that really make it worth my while:

Slinks – longer videos, more in depth topics, what a great way to spend a Sunday.
Loud post Friday – It’s sometimes a challenge to find good stuff, but once I do, I watch it myself over and over.
Photoshop Phonies – I’m amazed at what people can do with that great software.
Brew reviews – To this very day, I’m learning about beer. Tasting is such sweet bliss. Brewing is doing.
The push – Running this site makes me visit many different places for content, all the time I’m amazed, intrigued, fascinated and interested at different offerings. I enjoy gathering them up and offering them up to you.
Comments – What a nice feeling it is to have someone say something about what you’ve posted. Good or bad.
WordPress versatility – The next best thing to fully moldable, customizable hot rod.
SixPackTech stickers – Is 7 too many to display on one vehicle?

Good spot for a sticker.

Good spot for a sticker.

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