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It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. I apologize to those who read these rants. Things have improved. Readership is up by another factor of .05. The average weekly visitors range above 400 per day. Page views are out the wazoo. Comments are still trickling in on an almost daily basis.

The Sixpack of Random sidebar dealie may be part of the increase. But, hey… There are a total of 2,400 posts so far, here on this site since its inception in April of last year. I urge all of our readers to take full advantage of the random posts feature in the right sidebar. Click on a topic, go view it. When you get back, ya get six new ones to choose from.

I had an issue with the server, wherein it would slow way down on Saturday nights, right when I was posting the Brew Review. Found out it was the WordPress Backup program I had just doing its thing right at that same time. WP Backup’s time has been changed to more accomodate our beer reviewing time.

WordPress version on SPT has been upgraded to 2.8.4. I saw no reason why. They saw security issues. We upgraded. We are presumably safe.

I have purchased and am presently running Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the garage MacBook. The upgrade took just less than an hour. Most of everything went well. Photoshop Elements still works, as well as Yojimbo and other apps that I’ve had time to test. But it seems that the new OS can’t seem to numb the trackpad click bar. It still wreaks havoc when I type. (Arrgh!)

Bought a new set of exhaust pipes for my Suzuki Intruder. Cobra slashcut duals, both exiting on the right side. Now it sounds like real motorcycle. And now I need to learn how to be a real motorcycle rider.

Labor Day is coming up and SPT will be taking the holiday off. I haven’t decided what to do for that Monday. Perhaps another day of Slinks.

You can get a FREE SixPackTech sticker for free! Just send and email to and we’ll send you a nice SixPackTech sticker that you can adhere to your beer fridge, front window or chimney.

Show Pride in your Ride!
Send a picture of the car or truck or forklift that you drive to, and we’ll erect it in our Readers’ Rides photo section. Better yet, send a picture of your ride with an SPT sticker on it. Guaranteed to increase horsepower by 5%. Regardless if it’s clean or not.

If you’d like to donate a buck or two towards the upkeep of this site, that would be great. I urge you to click on the little orange PayPal capsule icon way down on the right sidebar. I know it’s a hassle with the credit card info crap and all that, but a buck here, a buck there and before you know it, well, I really don’t know. I haven’t got that first buck yet. But, if you can’t afford it, that’s ok.

I’d like to thank you all for visiting SixPackTech as often or as unoften as you do. Come back every day. There’ll be a new sixpack of posts waiting for you. Every day.


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