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There was some recent hubbub about a security issue with WordPress wherein some hacker could hijack the Admin’s login and change it somehow. WP issued a security update and we incorporated it here sometime about Wednesday. We are all safe. Or so we think. SPT is now up to WP version 2.8.4.

There’s a new feature in our right sidebar which houses a new random post plugin I found. I think it may serve our purposes just fine for now. Some totally random old post’s title will be thrown up there and you can click on it to view it. And when you come back, another sixpack of random posts are up there. I like it. There’s a lot of good stuff here on SPT that we should go back and revisit. Try it! A Sixpack of Random will serve you well.

At some point during the last two weeks, I downloaded and activated a Related Posts plugin. But just as I was doing the Saturday night brew review last week, the server would bog down. Updating and viewing the post that I was writing was painstakingly slow. I wrote a message to the wonderful folks at HostGator who promptly replied that a lotta stuff was going on while the cron jobs were running at that time. I deleted the plugin and thankfully, all functionality has been restored. Even tonight’s beer review went well. The sidebar Sixpack of Random gizzie has been substituted in its place. My next goal is to see if I can find a way to change the cron job time.

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I’d like to strongly urge the 11% of you guys who are still using Internet Explorer version 6 to please, for the love of God, please upgrade to some new version or a different browser. Why? Read this from Wikipedia. You could easily download and use Firefox or Safari or Opera. Import your favorites or bookmarks and be merrily on your way. Just thinking about your own safety.

Off topic, I’ve been watching the Apple rumor sites for the last few weeks and it seems that two things are coming. Apple will have a special announcement made during the week of Sept. 8th. September is usually the time when they announce new iPod devices. Figure a new iPod touch with a camera will come plus a date when Snow Leopard will be shipped. For $29! But that’s it.

I think the Apple tablet, or iPad as has been revealed, is a reality but won’t be available until Apple makes an announcement in place of their nonappearance at January’s MacWorld Expo 2010.

And personally, I’m looking forward to Windows 7. I just may lay down some cash toward the dark side (gasp!) if, and only if, the reviews of the OS are within a normal person’s understanding. On October 22nd the new OS will be ready to buy. I’ll probably wait until April of ’10. Rather than run Windows on any of my Macs, I’ll aspire to built a computer from scratch utilizing parts from Fry’s, NewEgg and other places.

Then there’s Ubuntu and Linux and that whole neck-beard crowd. Kinda like Woodstock all over again.

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