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A small problem has arisen wherein, on Saturday nights, right about the time I post the Brew Review, the hosting service slows to a crawl. Just visiting the site takes longer than usual. You sit and wait while the thing snaps out of it and finally loads. There’s something going on. I sent off a missive to the support folks at HostGator to look into matters. It will be interesting to see what they find.

WordPress updated itself to version 2.8.2 and we are there. It was a matter of security which prompted the update and we have been updated. Can we breathe a sigh of relief? Who knew a security breech was imminent in the first place? Nonetheless, it’s good to know that the WP folks are on their toes and the automatic update feature which is built in makes it so easy.

I’ve incorporated a Related Posts plugin for the readers which should appear at the bottom of almost every post. I really don’t know how it will fly as the days go by, but I’ll be monitoring it closely. There might be a problem with Safari. I couldn’t see the related stuff as I do in Firefox. If it doesn’t work to our/my satisfaction, I’ll shitcan it and write a nice letter to the author of the plugin.

Picture 1On a more personal note, I attended the August Cruise Night in Morris and pictures will follow. Tomorrow, Sunday, it’s off to the Route 66 Raceway for their Super Chevy Show. And pics will follow. Tonight, at Cruise Night, I was looking for that one pretty girl which appeared in the Hunnert Car Pile-up and also in the last Cruise Night galleries. Alas, I didn’t spot her. There’s one more Cruise left for the opening week of September. Then there’s another Hunnert Car Pile-up in October. I’ll seek her out and tell her that “the internet thinks she’s gorgeous.”

Tomorrow’s Super Chevy Show outing will prove to be quite challenging. The weather is supposed to be hotter and humider than it was today. We’ll be taking the grandson. We’ll eschew beer for water or GatorAde or PowerAde or maybe even PowerThirst. Perhaps an ice chest full of frozen underpants will do the trick.

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    “I’ll seek her out and tell her that ‘the internet thinks she’s gorgeous.’ ”


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