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sierra nevada logoFriday is almost like a day off from SixPackTech. The posts for the day are already up and the next thing awaiting publication is a Friday Brew post, if there is to be one. Once the morning “chores” are done, then it’s a leisurely stroll across the vast reaches of the Internet at my own pace looking for great and wondrous things to save for now and share later.

Today, there will be three visitations classified as chores. 1.) Visit the Jewel food store and pick up the Chicago Sun Times. Yep, still like to read the comics and do the crossword everyday. 2.) Visit Four Seasons for one of the weekend’s beer selections. 3.) Visit the beloved Morris Beer Store for the other selection.

After nabbing the paper, I negotiated the mighty Tundra across four lanes of traffic to the Four Seasons Liquors directly across Route 47, Division Street. Then down the same street to the old familiar digs of the MBS.

I trudged through the front door and placed my printouts on the unattended counter. Gail, the Beer Maven and the Handsome Young Guy both had dollies filled with cases of spirits which were being delivered to a hiding place in the back. The HYG briefly asked me about the last review. Gail cheerily called out a greeting. I got out of the way, all the while eyeing the craft beer shelf.

Hmm, some new name I hadn’t seen. One caught my eye. It was a Hefeweizen, a wheat beer. Hell, I hadn’t had a wheat beer since the Pleistocene. I glanced to the the left, to the right, paused and grabbed it. The wheat beer was Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen.

The HYG followed me and my selection to the counter and this time I gladly paid the asking price $7.99 for the lot. I left satisfied that the damn beer was under nine bucks and it’s a wheat beer. How can wheat beer taste bad? Nevermind.

After work, while setting up the first sixpack snapshot, I noticed a little insert stuck in the container. I took some pics of it, front and back. Click to read it.

Picture 1 copyPicture 2 copy

I grabbed the first bottle, uncapped it and poured according to instructions.

Kellerweis side foamKellerweis top foam

The beer poured up a cloudy liquid with a tangerine color. Seeing through it was impossible so I could make no determination on the carbonation, but there was a nice, thick, frothy head of about two inches. A very slight yeast aroma visited my nostrils at the rim of the glass.

The first sip had an odd familiar taste. I really mean odd and familiar. It was a wheat beer alright, but it had some sort of spice or other type flavor to it as well. I couldn’t tell if was coriander or not. But hell, I still don’t know what coriander tastes like. Cilantro? Hmm. Haven’t chewed on straight cilantro to form an opinion. Regardless, the beer taste was unexpected.

The taste at the front was slightly sweet and the spice flavor circled the tongue on the outside. The middle was flavorful and light. The swallow was nicely, comfortably mild.

Kellerweis glass

Whoops. The first beer was gone. Before I set the empty bottle in the stand-by container, I peeked inside. The little liquid that remained behind looked milky and off white. That was obviously the unfiltered yeast remains that didn’t get poured. The fresh glassful was a repeat in appearance, it looked just like the first one. Cloudy with a big frothy head.

By now my taste buds had settled in with the new flavors and things averaged out taste-wise, but that spiciness was still present in every sip. Not sharp but (unexplainably) just there. In each sip. It’s almost like that cup of coffee with either a tad too much or a tad too little sugar. Pizza with +/- oregano. Or that PB&J sandwich with the wrong PB (crunchy/smooth). You’ll drink it or eat it, but it’s as if it’s one point away from being just the way you like it. That’s what I get from this beer. Then again, it just may be my own personal DNA. And… another beer’s done.

All in all, this beer is flavorful and tasty, goes down way too easily and could quite possibly be considered a nice summer lawnmower beer. And at 4.6% ABV, it’s certainly sessionable, but I don’t think a whole night of drinking this beer is what one would have in mind. It would certainly qualify as an introductory beer for a lady friend. Not bad. Not bad at all. I wonder how many are left.

Kellerweis logoThe SixPackTech ratings for Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen are:

Taste: B > Wheat beer Cracker Jack. With a spicy prize inside.
Smoothness: B > Beer with the glide of lemonade.
Drinkability: B+ > Whoops! Another one’s gone.
Bang for the buck: B+ > Can’t beat it unless you steal it.
ABV: 4.6%

Sierra Nevada Mts
Helen KellerWeiss the ImmaculateHeiferVise


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  1. fretwalker says:

    It does slide right down the gullet, doesn’t it? That sixer disappeared in no time, a couple weeks ago. I think I’ll do it again, this week!

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