Auto Monday – Dune Buggies, Sand Rails and Baja Bugs

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At the time of the creation of the Volkswagen during the war years, it never occurred to the original designers just what a versatile vehicle they had. The simplicity of the design and basic components led to all kinds of modifications in the later years.

It wasn’t until the ’60s that Bruce Meyers made a hit with his modified VW chassis and fiberglass body. The Meyers Manx set off a chain reaction that goes on to this very day. Backyard knucklebusters soon learned of the ease at which body parts could added, removed or modified.

One could remove the VW body and add on to the original floor pan and get a dune buggy. Do some simple sheet metal removal, add new fenders, hood, nose and tail and you could have a Baja Bug. Toss the whole car but save the front and rear suspensions and engine and use them on a tubular frame and you’d have a sand rail.

These modifications are rather simple and the cost is not that expensive although building one or modifying an old VW demands that you do your research. The outcome is always a fun vehicle that’s rugged, fun to drive and sure to gain admiring glances wherever you drive.

We have a nice Buggy picture gallery coming up next.

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