Rat rod from hell

I’m sure that other people on the road give him plenty of room. This looks like it’s out of a Mad Max movie.

On the trailer

A quick spin

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4 Responses to Rat rod from hell

  1. fretwalker says:

    Are those giant nitrous bottles in the back?

    Or acetylene and oxygen, because he has no confidence in his welds?

  2. D.V. says:

    i think the tanks on the back might be air tanks for the suspension. if you look at the video of the car on the trailer, the car is sitting down on its frame rails and when its on the ground/driving its 2 or 3 inches off the ground.

    wow this car is great!!!

  3. fretwalker says:

    D.V, I think you’re right… good eye!

  4. fcgrabo says:

    I would have to agree.

    The frame was dead flat on the trailer in the first vid and then it’s up in the front a bit and still up a little bit in the back in the second.

    Overkill on a rat rod. Of course.

    Good eye indeed!

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