Humpday Honeys- Glorious Glutes

PabloPicasso FemmeToday we’re pictorially exploring a mystery. The mystery of why guys are so attracted to a woman’s derriere, heinie, booty, money maker, you name it. Shapely bottoms have been important factors in the procreation of the species.

When a man and a woman part company, it’s the last thing seen on her way out. It’s not just polite to hold the door for a woman, there’s a payoff after the fact. And following a lady up the stairs… oh, baby.

But I digress. All the ladies will agree that men are pigs. Bacon anyone?

We have a nice gallery of aft quarters waiting around the bend.

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2 Responses to Humpday Honeys- Glorious Glutes

  1. fretwalker says:

    Desmond Morris, in his book, The Naked Ape, suggests that because humans are the only species that copulates face-to-face, women have evolved full, round breasts to mimic the shape of their butts, to visually arouse the male without having to turn around!

    Try this:

  2. fcgrabo says:

    That sounds credible. But I’ll take ’em coming or going.

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