Auto Monday – American Muscle Mustang Show

3744311324_4e20abdb6aThe folks at out of Malvern, PA held a charity event on 7/19 at their facility featuring over a hundred Mustangs. I was clued in on the event from an email from Brian Cox last Wednesday. He wrote:

This past Sunday we held our first annual Charity Car Show.  It featured over 150 mustangs along with Mustang Babes, a free dyno, and even activities for the kids.  I am writing to you today in hopes that you could post our show’s official press release.  We would like to get the word out so that next year’s event can be even bigger and hopefully we can raise even more money for this great charity that we chose, Homes for Our TroopsHomes for Our Troops helps provide housing for disabled veterans and their families upon their return home from their tour of duty.

How could I resist? With a name like American Muscle and a multitude of Mustangs, it’s perfect for today’s gallery of hot cars.

Check out the Flickr stream to see all the pictures.

Visit AmericanMuscle’s blog here.

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