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The site was slow during posting today. I sent off a message to the nice folks at HostGator and, as expected, NTF. No Trouble Found. I’ll chalk this one up with the other two mini-problems. And, of course, everything’s fine now.

I’ve incorporated a Print this Post link in the the posts that I deem that you deem may be worth printing. Let’s start deeming. It’s a printer friendly version of the web apps you may have experienced in your daily online lives, wherein you can print the text and the pictures on your printer, although it won’t be exactly like what’s posted on the site. But if you want to print the post out, save it to paper and show it around, that’s perfectly fine. All the data is there.

Surprisingly, readership remains somewhat steady over summer so far. The stats indicate that the Humpday Honeys are the most popular posts visited by far. Next are the posts about cars, mostly the Auto Monday ones.

Our last batch of homebrew beer (peach wheat) didn’t turn out so well. We’ll drink what we think we can and dump those that we think we can’t. I’m entertaining thoughts of rebrewing our old batch of Sweet Georgia Brown Ale and tweaking it until we get it just perfect. It’d be better’n a Boy Scout merit badge.

Our last SPT sticker went out to Austin, MN and I assure you that there’s more left to be had. Want one? Hell, they’re FREE! Just send me an email with your address and I’ll send you a couple.

Once I gain confidence in riding my recently purchased motorcycle, I’ll put up a pic in the Readers’ Rides section on the left and in the Flickr stream. Hey! Send a picture of your ride. I can mount it up there with other masterpieces in Readers’ Rides. W’d all like to see what you drive.

Ever get the hiccups after drinking beer? Slow torture to the diaphragm. I think I’ll stop here and try to eliminate this diaphragmic spasmosis. Bed sounds good too.

Thanks for visiting SixPackTech.

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