Auto Monday – Cruise Night

6-13-09 Cruise Night-01Saturday night was a perfect night in our town of Morris and it was the first of four Cruise Nights that will be held this summer. The entire main drag was cordoned off and thousands of people roamed about ogling all the autos that populated Liberty Street from the rairoad tracks to the river.

My wife and I had our five year-old grandson in tow and it proved to be a trying time. The kid had to inspect every truck that was on display, later followed by cries of “I have to go pee” and rounded off with his plea to go to Wendy’s. In the relatively short time we had, I was able to get some decent pictures of some of the cars. The next Cruise Night will be next month.

There’s a nice gallery of cars and trucks coming up next.

Click to view full.

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3 Responses to Auto Monday – Cruise Night

  1. D.V. says:

    though i love the shining chrome and paint, theres something about a rat rod that does it for me. i mean i look at one and go “i could do that”.

    oh yeah, who is the Beauty in the last photo?

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I don’t know her name, but I think I spotted her at last year’s Hunnert Car Pile-up.

    Go here: and check out picture 17. She’s with the same guy.

  3. D.V. says:

    well if you see her around Morris tell her the internet thinks she’s gorgeous lol

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