Site Specific

This is the post where I pull my pants down and let everyone know just what the hell is going on.

Changes will be coming on Sunday when I finally get off my ass and update the Cutline theme to the newest version, 1.4. I have about 4 of 18 ducks in a row and I think I should just finally do something and get it over with. It should be rather easy. Or it could be a disaster. I think not, though. It’s a matter of changing the customizations I originally made in the new files. With that in mind…

WordPress has officially been updated to version 2.8. That will also be a part of tomorrow’s changing of the bedsheets. For me, there will most likely be a few changes in the way the dashboard works and where everything is, but I’m up for it.

I had thought about bringing the site down and activating the Maintenance splash screen for the upgrade, but I’ve decided against it. If I’m going to make mistakes, let them be seen by the people of the world who decide to visit at the time. However, if things go drastically wrong, Maintenance goes up and I have sufficient time to panic.

Readership remains steady at well over 300 visits per day. The stats reveal that the Humpday Honeys are the most viewed and linked-to posts. In second place are automotive posts. As of this writing, there are 2,015 posts (me) and 667 comments (you). We have a few regular commenters and also folks who somewhat regularly email links.

I have activated avatars for SPT. Avatars are small icon-like pictures that you attach to your signature and appear when you comment. This is a relatively unknown area for me and I’ll be investigating how you can get your own avatar on SPT. Once I get my own figured out, I’ll letchaz all know.

I still love doing this stint on a daily basis and I’m so glad that you guys are enjoying it enough to come back when you next have time. And now, it comes again. Like the droning of a blimp.

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