Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

findumondeThe Friday morning visit to the beloved Morris Beer Store (highly acclaimed, world renowned) did not bode well financially for me. All I had in my pocket was $15 and change. But I thought that it would suffice for the purchase of two sixpacks of heretofore untried craft beer.

Up and down the shelves I scanned until I was met by the Handsome Young Guy. He mentioned that he had tried some Dragon’s Milk based on my recommendation and he smiled as he rolled his eyes and said, “Wow.” I smiled back and thought, “Yeah.”

I noticed more seasonal summer beers were appearing. One from Bell’s caught my eye. Noted; onward. There were some Italian beers, some Mexican, and then there were the trappist ales, now located on the bottom shelf.

fin-fourTucked into a small niche was a fourpack that I had my eye on for a couple of weeks. I had passed it up due to the price. La Fin du Monde by Unibroue out of Chambly, Quebec, Canada. I checked the label:

The excellence of triple fermentation through a blend of special yeasts gives this malt beverage LA FIN DU MONDE (The end of the world) an exquisitely robust flavour of exceptional refinement.

The price? $14.99! Jesus H. Hernandez, this was expensive! Fifteen bucks for four beers? You must be out of your minds. That’s $3.75 a beer. Those are almost Soldier Field beer prices!


I bought it and decided to forego the Friday brew for some Saturday exceptional refinement. I was out of my mind.

The guilt laid somewhat heavily on my cerebral cortex throughout the Friday workday. How can anyone spend fifteen dollars for four beers? Damn, this stuff better be good. Might as well make the best of it.

Saturday rolled into town along with hot rods and classic cars. We spent some time at this year’s first cruise night in downtown Morris. After having the trip cut short by an even shorter grandson, we went home, Gramma and kid in the house, and Grandpa out to the Manly Garage. It was time to experience the end of the world. As we know it. And I feel fine.

fin-foilSince I used the Chimay tulip glass last week, I didn’t want to use it again this week. I have no other tulip glass so I chose the next best thing, a melding of the tulip with a pint glass. We have the Sam Adams special beer drinking glass designed by beer drink elves in Boston. I peeled off the foil that encased the cap and decided to leave the rest hang off the bottle. Next try, I’ll just pop the cap right through the foil. Why this stuff is on there is beyond me; maybe it spiffs up the bottle giving the notion of class. Hmm. That’s odd. The lip of the bottle has threads for a twist-off cap. Odd indeed.

fin-glassThe beer poured up a foggy yellow color with a big, off-white head. The aroma was nice, a bit sweet smelling with some citrus notes. The carbonation was vigorous with micro-bubbles rising from everywhere.

The first sip exploded with flavors. A bit sweet up front, a little tart in the middle and a crisp afternote to finish it off. The more sips that went down, the more this beer revealed of itself. A small space heater was turned on in my stomach by the third sip, although there was no alcohol taste or flavor in the mouth. The taste spread itself out and started to remind me of a strong Hefeweizen. The middle flavors were full, sharp and lingering on the tongue. A bit of bitterness after the swallow.

I can’t really say that I like this beer but I have to give the brewers credit for the full flavoredness of this beer. For me it’s a bit out there in the taste department. It seemed like a mixture of styles. Part wheat beer, part ale, part IPA and part gunpowder. KInd of a Frankenstein beer. The beer in itself is drinkable, but i’s a lot like wearing a heavy starched white shirt. Classy but a bit uncomfortable. The flavor is an odd sort, filling up the taste buds with fullness and a bit of barbed wire.

The only thing I can now say is that I’ve tasted this beer. I’ve spent the outrageous price for the fourpack and I’ve had a few. I will now lick my wounds and hopefully come to my senses before the next weekly MBS visit. I’d say, pass this one up at least on price alone. That and the twist off cap. Pfft! If this is exceptional refinement, take back the starched white shirt and let me live in my blue jeans and sweatshirt.

fin-du-monde-logoThe SixPackTech ratings for La Fin Du Monde are:

Taste: B- > The girl gets uglier towards closing time.
Smoothness: C+ > Something to get used to, like new wing tip shoes.
Drinkability: C- > Can I have some peanuts now?
Bang for the buck: D- > Mea culpa, mea culpa.
ABV: 9.0%
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: A little cloudy. (sip) Oh. Kinda… (sip) Strange, I don’t know… I don’t like it. (sip) It puts a funny sensation. It’s almost medicinal. (sip) Maybe if ya drink too many you’ll wish it was the end of the world. (Medicinal? I hadn’t thought of that.)

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4 Responses to Saturday Night Blue Collar Brew Review

  1. D.V. says:

    Try Maudite

  2. fretwalker says:

    Frank, I’m continually amazed by the prices you’re paying for beer. Is IL that expensive or is KY that cheap? I bought a 4-pack of Fin du Monde recently (after you got me talking about it) for $10.99 here. I still think it’s one of the five best tripels in the world.

  3. fcgrabo says:

    It might be our ex-governor Blagojevich set things up like that prior to his untimely departure.

    A road trip is necessary to shop and compare.

  4. fretwalker says:

    Ah, good old Illinois, where the governors make the license plates!

    Does sound like a good excuse for a road trip, though…

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